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Thanks to the wonders of, and the combined efforts of a large number of Empire players, we have been able to reconstruct at least partial histories of dozens of games. There are still games for which we are missing data. Over the next year, we will post a list of games that are in this category. For now, we are continuing to work on recovering lost histories for what games we can. This will reduce the number of known games for which we do not yet have data.

Working on these histories is, in some respects, not terribly different than what a museum might do. It is a time consuming task to put together the game histories. If you do not yet see a game listed here for which you want to see the history, don't despair. Chances are pretty good we have at least partial information on the game, but have not yet put together the web page for it.

A web page detailing what game histories are complete and what games we know about is available. The list is a work in progress.

Empire Game Histories:

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Note to our brethren from the Southern Hemisphere; no slight is intended in showing seasons with regards to the games and when they were played. Most players are in the Northern Hemisphere. The above annotations observe that reality for ease of understanding of when a game was played.