The table below lists all known or inferred named games of Empire. There may be some omissions in this list. For example
if there were four games in a series, but we only know about the first three, we can not infer the fourth. If instead we have
three, and have I, II, and IV, then we can infer the presence of III. There may also be some games not in a series that we
have not heard about at all.

"Start Date" represents a confirmed start date for the game. This is always accurate to within 1 day.
"End Date" represents a confirmed end date for the game. This is based on the date on the final power report.
"Game" represents the name of the game, if one exists (there are rare cases where one does not exist).
"Year(s)" represents the years in which the game was played, if we do not have a confirmed start or end date.
"In Game Histories" represents whether the game in question is already in the game histories on the website.

Note: Game histories are not available prior to 1990 from the archive. There appears to have
been a shift around that time, where games began being named with power reports and mid-game updates being
posted to Prior to that, only two power reports exist in the archive (1, 2).
Wolfpack Empire is very interested in gaining access to histories of all games, and especially any archives that
have pre-1990 references to Empire games. If you have such information, please contact us!

This list is sorted by "In Game Histories" and then by "Game". Totals: 138 known or inferred games. 45 histories are
currently complete as of March 3, 2004 (33%).

Start Date End Date Game Year(s) In Game Histories
4-Jan-95   Arctic Blast I   Yes
12-Jun-95 30-Sep-95 Arctic Blast II   Yes
8-Oct-98 28-Nov-98 Atlantean   Yes
28-Oct-95 30-Jan-96 Bayou Blast   Yes
26-Oct-96 13-Jan-97 Bayou Blast III   Yes
24-Feb-95 5-May-95 British Empire II   Yes
28-Jun-93 14-Jul-93 Chainsaw IV   Yes
10-Sep-93 25-Jan-94 Chainsaw V   Yes
11-Mar-92 1-May-92 Colisuem I   Yes
28-Nov-94 18-Jan-95 Dwarven Chowder III   Yes
21-Feb-95 13-Apr-95 Dwarven Chowder IV   Yes
1-Jul-91 5-Aug-91 Empire Classic   Yes
7-Nov-99 28-Jan-00 Empire Invitational I: Spectre of Communism   Yes
12-Oct-90 28-Nov-90 European Empire Fall 1990   Yes
6-Aug-91 30-Aug-91 European Empire I   Yes
6-Aug-92 5-Oct-92 European Empire III   Yes
2-Feb-94 4-Apr-94 Found   Yes
1-Oct-90 21-Nov-90 Harvard Fall Empire 1990   Yes
28-Oct-03 3-Dec-03 Havok I   Yes
26-Dec-03 17-Feb-04 Havok II: Designing Nations   Yes
27-Oct-00 9-Jan-01 Ice World I   Yes
19-Feb-2001 2-Apr-2001 Ice World II   Yes
7-Sep-2001 9-Jan-2002 Ice World III   Yes
7-Oct-02 4-Jan-03 Ice World IV   Yes
21-Feb-03 15-Apr-03 Ice World V   Yes
11-Sep-90 14-Oct-90 Kent State Fall Empire 1990   Yes
  12-Oct-90 Kent Surprise Empire   Yes
5-Feb-02 25-Apr-02 Lord of the Rings I   Yes
8-Sep-03 19-Dec-03 Lord of the Rings II   Yes
22-May-03 2-Jul-03 Mid-Shipman's Empire   Yes
11-Mar-03 20-May-03 Newbie II   Yes
  4-Dec-90 Oakland University Fall Empire 1990   Yes
1-Jul-02 31-Jul-02 Ogre Empire   Yes
13-Jun-03 1-Aug-03 Pangaea   Yes
19-Mar-04 29-Mar-04 Intro to the Petting Zoo   Yes
17-Mar-97 19-Apr-97 Renaissance II   Yes
10-Nov-93 5-Jul-94 Riverworld   Yes
20-Mar-00 9-Jun-00 South Pacific 2000   Yes
12-May-97 >31-Jul-97 South Pacific I   Yes
26-Jul-95 26-Sep-95 Thematic I   Yes
4-Nov-97 19-Jan-98 Twisted Mind I   Yes
  1-May-92 UAlberta I   Yes
19-Jul-92 ? UAlberta Invitational   Yes
11-Oct-94 22-Nov-94 UAlberta Nukefest   Yes
9-Dec-99 25-Jan-00 War Unlimited   Yes
    Bayou I? Same as Bayou Blast?    
    Bayou II    
    Better than Beer Final Round ---Finished with no winner    
    Better Than beer R1 G1 1995  
    Better Than Beer R1 G2 1995  
    Better Than Beer R1 G3 1995  
    Better Than Beer R1 G4 1995  
    Big Game 1999  
    British Empire I    
    British Empire III 1995  
    British Empire IV 1995/1996  
    British Empire V 1996  
    Bug Hunt I 1995  
    Bug Hunt III 1995  
    BugHunt II 1995  
    Chainsaw I 1992  
    Chainsaw II    
    Chainsaw III 1993  
    Chaotic I 1998  
    Chaotic II 1999  
    Damn Fine Game    
    Dr. Pepper    
    Dr. Pepper I or II???? 1995  
    Dwarven Chowder I 1994  
    Dwarven Chowder II 1994  
    Dwarven Slaughter 1 1998  
    Empire Invitational II    
    Empire Invitational III 2000  
    European Empire II    
    European Empire IV    
    European Empire V    
    European Empire VI 1994  
    European Empire VII 1996  
    Fall Fever 1999  
    Gargantuan Empire II    
    Gargantuan I    
    Generic Empire    
    Heatwave 1999/2000  
    Heatwave II 2001  
    Hidden I    
    Hidden II 1994  
    Hidden III 1994  
    Insanity I 1995  
    Insanity II 1995  
    JunkieFest I 1993  
    JunkieFest II 1994  
    JunkieFest III    
    JunkieFest IV 1994  
    Lunatic Fringe 1996  
    Melvin 1.5    
    Melvin 2.1    
    Mid-Shipman's Empire II    
    Mini Empire    
    Mirrorpond Empire    
    Newbie I    
    Newbie III    
    Newbie IV    
    Newbie Wars I 1997  
    Night Owl 1995  
    Nomad 1994/1995  
    Puddle Planet tournament (3 games)    
    Renaissance I 1996/1997  
    Empire II Smoke on the Water 2000  
    Smorgasboard 1994  
    South Pacific II 1998  
    Spring Fever I 1996  
    Thematic II 1995/1996  
    Thematic III    
    Thematic IV 1996  
    Trafalgar 2000  
    Twisted Mind 2000 2000  
    Twisted Mind II 1998  
    Twisted Mind III 1999  
    Twisted Mind IV 1999  
    UAlberta II 1993  
    UAlberta Open 1994  
    UAlberta Spring    
    UAlberta Spring 1993  
    UMass Empire    
    Unnamed (Spring 93) 1993  
    UPenn 1992  
    West Australian Empire 1993 Recollections of Peter Roberts can help here.Chainsaw 3. Last non-unit game.
    Winterfest Final    
    Winterfest R1 G1 1998  
    Winterfest R1 G2 1998  
    Winterfest R1 G3 1998  
    Winterfest R2 G1 1998  
    Winterfest R2 G2 1998  
    World War II 1995