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Euro Empire III

Deity: Pat Loney
Start Date: August 6, 1992
End Date: October 5, 1992 (60 days)
Code used: KSU Distribution 1.04, with mods
Winner(s): None. Game was declared "over" by the remaining four countries. These were Petrozovadsk, Ireland, Urartu, and Vaaso.

Original Game Announcement

July 14th, 1992

It's time. Requests for countries are now being accepted for European Empire III. For the empire freshman, this is a game of empire played on a map of Europe. The game is open to all skill levels with start areas 22-24 sectors prior to the first update. Right now it looks like updates will be 60 etu's once per day, including weekends. I haven't decided on the time of day yet. A much more sane version of the ore program has been used. The one used in Euro II got a lot of critisism (unjust of course). Details on the game signup, modifications to the code, and the version output are all below.

As has been the standard with Euopean Empire, country names are assigned so as to be geographicly correct. Below you will find a list of countries grouped together with other countries in their regions. Players will be asked to pick a country and a region that they would like to play in. This is not a first come, first gets setup though. If only one person wants to play Algeria, that person will. If 2 or more people want to play Carthage, the decision will be completely random with some random player from the general pool getting Carthage (maybe some one who didn't even want to play Carthage, but instead wanted, like 3 other people, to play Normandy).

However, every reasonable effort will be made to place a player in the region of choice. ("If I can't be England, I would like to be in the middle east" is a legitamate request).

With the sign-up last time, there was a significant problem with me emailing country names. I will blame the network. Anyway, I will be posting the country assignments to R.G.E. (a couple of times). I do wish to keep the players annoymous though. (Players of course can identify themselves if they wish.) To handle this, each person should send me some type of alias name. I will post the assigned country name with the alias name and that way you can figure out what country you are playing without having to keep checking your mailbox for a message that got re-routed to Frostbite Falls. And by the way, please use some type of unique alias. TT can use Afrika Korps for an alias but nobody else can (just as an example).

And here is the list of country names grouped in regions.

North Africa
Algeria Carthage Cyrenicia Libya Mauritana Mali Morocco Niger Tunisia

Middle East/Asia Minor
Anatolia Arabia Armenia Egypt Phoenicia Turkey

Castile France Gaul Normandy Portugal Seville Spain

Western Europe
Denmark England Germany Holland Prussia Scottland Switzerland

Eastern Europe
Bulgaria Czechoslovakia Hungary Poland Romania Transalvania

Finland Narvik Norway Sweden Trondheim Uppsala Vaaso

Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Austria Greece Italy Macedonia Serbia Sicily

Central Russia
Belorussia Georgia Russia Sevestopol Ukraine Urals Volgagrad

Northern Russia
Archangle Murmansk Novogorad Petrozovadsk Siberia St_Petersburg Vologda

It seems like every game running now has some type of code modifications to it. Far be it for me to buck that trend. So here is the list and descriptions of the mod's for this game (which of course are far better then any other mod's.)

Euro II introduced the shell (a multiple fire) command. It also had loans transfered when a capitol was sacked. (i.e. if country A made a loan to B, and C took A's capitol, Country B must now pay back A). Some of the new modifiations for Euro III are as follows:

Loan Sharking:
Any loan that is overdue may be bought up by any other county for the price of the outstanding loan plus one term of interest. The loan my then be collected on. Loans will have a limit of 7 days and 15% interest. Use the command "shark". See also info shark.

Time Delayed Markets:
Any commodity put on the market will sit there for 12 hours while every one gets a chance to bid on it. After 12 hours, the highest bidder gets the goods. Some body please remind me to change the tax rates. I have them set a little too high right now. One other thing, an entire lot must be bought.

Time Delayed Trade:
Works just like the time delayed market except for ships and planes.

Anti-Guerrilla Activities:
Three pages of "production disrupted by terroists" each update for sectors you have owned for 600 etu's is kind of a pain in the neck. The command "anti" will use military in a sector to engage the guerrillas if there is any mobility in the sector (one mil is allowed to participate for each mobility point). Use the command "anit". See also info anti.

And now for the version stuff. The game will start on August 6, probably at about 8:00 AM EDT. I am going to be on business travel the last week in July so if you email me then, don't expect a reply. There are 65 openings in the game. Merc code is being used.

BSD Empire 1.1 patch level 5 (KSU distribution 1.04)

The following parameters have been set for this game:
World size is 128 by 64.

An Empire time unit is 1440 seconds long.
An update consists of 60 empire time units.
Each country is allowed to be logged in 480 minutes a day.
It takes 25.00 civilians to produce a BTU in one time unit.

(insert standard food stuff here)

Banks pay $250.00 in interest per 1000 gold bars per etu.
1000 civilians generate $8.33, uncompensated workers $3.78 each time unit.
1000 active military cost $83.33, reserves cost $8.33.

Happiness p.e. requires 1 happy stroller per 6000 civ.
Education p.e. requires 1 class of graduates per 4000 civ.
Happiness is averaged over 48 time units.
Education is averaged over 192 time units.
The technology/research boost you get from your allies is 3.13%.
Nation levels (tech etc.) decline 1% every 96 time units.
Tech Buildup is limited to logrithmic growth (base 2.50) after 0.75.

Options enabled in this game:

So now that you have wadded through this lengthy post, you may just want to sign up. So here is what you do. Send the following information to me at

Your prefered email address
The country you would like to play
The alternate region you would like to play in
Your alias name for cross posting to the net
The country name you normally play with (for my own enlightenment only)
Your relative skill level, 1-10 (again, for my own enlightenment)

If you want to test your connection out, I will put a Visitor account
on (rep=Visitor). From there, you can also do info's. The numbers are:

Port: 6104

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Mid-game Updates

One week after start, August 13th, 1992

First things first. One of the countries needs a week long replacement starting this Sunday. Any offers? The country is in fairly good shape. There is also a replacement needed for one of the upper countries on the power chart.

And now for the European Empire III weekly news update. I can think of very few countries that are not involves in some type of boarder dispute or full fledged war. And after a whole week of playing only a hand full of countries have been eliminated. 63 of the 68 countries broke before the first update. And the other 5 eventually broke. The news file is always full.

No one country has broken away from the pack. Probably due to the fact that there was liitle free land at the start. Fishing boats are popping up here and there. One of them even sacked a coastal capitol. (Let that be a lesson for you new boys and girls). The tech leader is Iceland followed by Ireland. This makes sense as these two countrries don't have to worry about being invaded yet. Their small islands may not be able to keep up the pace when the larger countries bring their economies to bear.

And the top 15 in the power chart, as seen by Visitor, are as follows:

     - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
         as of Thu Aug 13 13:31:56 1992
            sects  eff  civ  mil shell gun  pet iron dust food oil  pln ship money
   Petrozova  40   60% 8.4K 600    0    0    0  2.4K 300  2.3K 250    0    0   20K
      Russia  40   77% 7.2K 200    0    0    0  700  600  750  150    0    0   25K
   Mauritana  65   47% 5.2K 400    0    0    0  1.4K 450  3.0K 500    0    0   15K
        Gaul  60   37% 8.1K 650    0    0    0  1.1K 100  2.0K  50    0    0   25K
       Urals  40   60% 7.0K 250    0    0    0  1.3K 100  2.0K 200    0    1   30K
     Georgia  45   50% 7.4K 350    0    0    0  600  150  1.5K 100    0    0   35K
     Macedon  60   37% 8.1K 800    0    0    0  1.0K 350  2.5K 250    0    0   10K
     Seville  65   33% 7.8K 300    0    0    0  650  200  3.0K 350    0    0   20K
    Anatolia  45   48% 6.4K 450    0    0    0  250  350  1.4K  50    0    0   30K
   Sundsvall  50   48% 5.5K 400    0    0    0  500  350  2.1K 250    0    0   15K
   Cyrenicia  25   94% 6.5K 100    0    0    0  300  200  1.6K  50    0    0   25K
     Romania  50   46% 6.0K 500    0    0    0  600  400  2.2K  50    0    0   20K
     Denmark  50   32% 6.2K 350    0    0    0  2.5K 1.0K 2.8K   0    0    0   30K
       Libya  30   69% 7.0K 250    0    0    0  750  200  2.4K 100    0    0   20K
    Portugal  30   88% 5.0K 250    0    0    0  350  250  2.4K 100    0    1   25K
             ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
   worldwide 1.9K  45% 288K  21K   0    0    0   38K  12K 102K 6.5K   0    7  1.3M

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Two weeks after start, August 20th, 1992

It's been two weeks since the start of the third European Empire game and things have been well heated for at least 13 days. There are still no major power blocks forming. This is great because that means that a lot of small, bloody, expensive wars will continue for some time.

Earlier in the week a slavic block started to develop and at one point they occupied 4 or 5 of the top 7 spots. Unfortunatly for them their fates resembled the actual area and other countries started to surpass them. Now the top eight countries each represent a different area of the map.

Macedon has held the top spot for several days. A steady diet of Greece, Transalvania, and Serbia made Macedon the first memeber of the 100 sector club.

After taking over for Anatolia, Urartu quickly improved its standing. Finishing off Turkey and bits and pieces of Armenia and Phoenicia have helped Urartu into second place on the power charts and first place on the fiscal front.

Petrozovadsk has become the current power leader in Northern Russia although I am not exactly sure who was engulfed to get him there. The same holds true for Romania in Eastern Europe.

Carthage is setting the pace for Northern Africa after digesting Libya and parts of Tunisia. Gaul held the number two spot only a couple of days ago but has been loosing ground to the front runners after entering a war with Holland (who claims to be a character going by the name of "The Death Angel" but only he and I know for sure!).

Vaaso has emerged as the leader in Scandinavia after holding off a combined attack of Finland, Murmansk, and Sundsvall. Seville ran through Portugal and is now in a bloody ground war with France and Castille.

Earlier this week guns and shells were introduced into the battle fronts. Since then, more blood has been spilled as country leaders are eager to use whatever weapons of mass destruction they can get their hands on. (Gun and shell tech was lowered to 10 just so we could have more fun!) Tech levels are progressing at an amazingly even pace. A few countries have manufactured some tech 25 interecptors (range 5, att 2, def 1, no bombing). Especially Sweden which wants to make sure that none of those naste transport 1's fly over its territory.

The tech leader is Iceland followed by lots of countries. Iceland's small size will not allow it to produce a massive military machine to be sold in the open market, but he has already been trying to pump guns and shells into it. Personnaly, I can't wait to see how much those first transport 1's are going to go for when they hit the market. The time delay market (and trade, but that has yet to be used) has seen a good deal of action.

The last of the free land was taken as Egyptian and Macedonian fishing vessels found the islands of Cyprus and Crete. A couple of small islands off the Mediterranian coast of Spain were claimed by Seviile and Tunisia. Not that they will do them any good but it beats not having them.

In other unrelated news, Nigeria is talking about hairy morning foot wear resembling a jumping rodent. Some are concerned about Nigeria's stability (as well as their own). And other could care less. Anyway, that's all for now, the power report follows. Read and enjoy.

Pat Loney
(A.K.A. Overlord)

     - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
         as of Thu Aug 20 08:37:36 1992
            sects  eff  civ  mil shell gun  pet iron dust food oil  pln ship money
     Macedon 105   74%  43K 1.8K   0    4    0  2.5K 2.3K  13K 1.3K   0    1   30K
      Urartu  80   78%  42K 850  100   15    0  6.0K 850  5.2K 600    0    4   55K
   Petrozova  90   73%  38K 1.5K 125   10  350  6.3K 850   12K 1.1K   0    4   20K
     Romania  65   89%  39K 1.5K 100   20    0  3.9K 2.3K  13K 1.5K   0    1   30K
    Carthage  65   91%  40K 1.8K  25   15    0  2.0K 3.0K 9.9K 350    0    0  5.0K
        Gaul  80   71%  31K 2.3K  50   15    0  6.0K 650  9.3K 800    0    1   40K
       Vaaso  95   65%  34K 1.2K  25   20   46  2.5K 1.1K 7.8K 850    0    2   20K
     Seville  75   79%  30K 900    1   10    0  4.0K 800  9.8K 1.5K   0    1   45K
       Urals  60   83%  35K 800   75   25    0  2.4K 1.0K 7.3K 650    0    3   40K
     Ukraine  45   82%  33K 800  150    0  600  2.5K 1.6K 7.1K 2.0K   1    2   45K
     Ireland  60   84%  31K 800    0   10    0  2.0K 1.0K 6.8K 500    0    2   20K
     Uppsala  85   74%  22K 1.1K 250   30  100  3.6K 900  7.0K 600    1    1   15K
      France  55   72%  34K 900   50    4    0  2.8K 850  6.5K 400    0    0   15K
      Russia  50   89%  28K 650  175   15   50  4.3K 1.1K 6.5K 2.0K   0    0   10K
     Estonia  70   84%  24K 950   20   10    0  950  400  3.3K 400    0    0   35K
   Mauritana  70   86%  21K 1.1K  25   10    0  2.0K 1.1K 2.9K 2.0K   0    0  5.0K
     Denmark  50   75%  26K 850    4    0    0  2.5K 1.9K 8.4K 2.1K   0    1   35K
      Sweden  35   97%  27K 950   50   10  100  2.6K 2.1K 6.5K 450   20    0   35K
   Czechoslo  75   75%  21K 1.0K   0    0    0  1.1K 900  7.0K 750    0    0   10K
     Nigeria  50   80%  23K 700   50   10    0  1.6K 650  5.5K 950    0    0   20K
   Cyrenicia  40   88%  24K 1.0K  50    5    0  1.2K 100  2.0K 150    0    3   45K
     Holland  40   77%  25K 1.3K 100   10    0  2.6K 250  4.3K 750    0    0   20K
    Bulgaria  45   78%  22K 1.1K 100   25    4  1.4K 850  4.9K 2.0K   0    0   10K
    Normandy  30   95%  21K 850   50    5    0  1.8K 250  4.9K 300    0    6   25K
       Egypt  25  100%  20K 1.6K   0    0    0  1.4K 300  2.4K 100    0    2   40K
     Georgia  50   84%  11K 1.5K 125    5    0  2.1K 450  2.3K 700    0    0   35K
      Arabia  35   91%  16K 700    0    0    0  2.6K 550  3.9K 200    0    0   20K
     Hungary  30   80%  18K 1.0K   0    0    0  2.4K 550  2.4K 250    0    0   15K
     Iceland  15   99%  14K 150   75    0    0  2.1K 400  4.3K 650    0    1   45K
     Castile  30   87%  14K 350    5    0    0  2.0K 450  2.0K 500    0    0   15K
     Algeria  25   82%  14K 600    0    0    0  1.8K 400  5.3K 750    0    0  5.0K
      Sicily  25   80%  12K 400    0    0    0  1.1K 750  3.0K 150    0    0   25K
   Lithuania  35   52% 9.2K 400    0    0    0    1  150  5.8K  43    0    1   30K
   Archangel  20   45% 3.7K  28    6    0    0   30   19  2.9K 100    0    2   30K
   St_Peters  25   59% 1.2K  50   13    0    0  800  150    9  150    0    0   10K
        Mali  10   71% 4.1K 600    0    0    0  200  100  1.3K 200    0    0   10K
      Turkey   5   82% 4.5K  12    0    0    0  500    0  300  100    0    0   15K
     Tunisia   5   69% 3.9K 200    0    0    0    2    5  900   13    0    5   20K
      Latvia   4   80% 2.1K 100    0    0    0    0  400  1.1K   0    0    1   15K
     Austria   4   98% 1.1K  49    0    0    0    0  500  950  300    0    0   15K
       Italy  10   78% 950  400    0    0    0    0  300  600  200    0    0  200 
   Sundsvall   5   84% 2.1K 450    0    0    0  300    0  550  100    0    0  -21K
    Murmansk   3   97% 500  300    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0   15K
    Sardinia  10   65% 2.4K 1.3K   0    0    0    0    0  400    0    0    0  -35K
   Belorussi   5   56% 300   50    0    0    0    0    0  100    0    0    0   10K
    Portugal   4   52% 900  150    0    0    0    0  100  450    0    0    1  5.0K
    Scotland   3   97% 1.1K 150    0    0    0    1    0  350    1    0    0  697 
     Finland   2   70% 200  100    0    0    0    0    0  200    0    0    0  5.0K
     Armenia   2   50% 150  100    0    0    0    0    0   29    0    0    0  436 
   Novogorad   1    9%   1    9    0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0    0  5.0K
   Sevastopo   0    0%   0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0  5.0K
   Phoenicia   1   91% 1.0K 350    0    0    0    0    0  550    0    0    0  -17K
             ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
   worldwide 1.9K  79% 874K  38K 1.8K 285  1.3K  86K  32K 213K  28K  20   50  960K

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Four weeks after start, September 2nd, 1992

As promised, this past week in Europe has been a fun one. At least to watch. Several countries paid the price for the sake of other's entertainment. So here's what happened.

After several days of planning, setting stratagies, and negotiations, the top dog was taken down by a combined attack. Macedon was starting to pull away from the pack and was headed towards a sure victory. Knowing that individually, they could not attack the leader, several countires banded together. Earlier this week, the countries of Romania, Urartu, and Ukraine with a tiny bit of help from Egypt launched massive artillary, air, ground, and sea attacks against Macedon. Over 120 Macedonian fighters stood ready to defend the homeland, but the weight of the three and 1/2 was too much. With in an hour, enemy planes had a free fly zone over much of Macedon. At that point, a fourth country, Czeckoslovakia (hey, I'm gettng good at typing that) joined in.

After this point, things get fuzzy. First of all, Macedon had a huge number of bars. Several of these banks fell to the attackers. Fearing a counter attack, the attackers put the bars on the market to move them out. Remember that this market has a 12 hour time delay. Macedon signs on at this point and sees the carnage going on. He also sees his precious bars up for sale. Several lots were put up for sale so Macedon makes huge bids to block other countries from buying them. Sometime early next morning, all the sales go through. Macedon has enough cash to handle each sale individually, but not all the sales combined. He ends up with (what must be an empire record) -$1,250,000. In good spirit, the attackers call a truce untill the deity can decide what to do. After much debate, the deity patches things up and the attack continue. Later that day, Macedon re-designates all of his sectors into enlistment centers and leaves a gracefull parting announcement. He also re-defines the FLEER PARTING COMMENT by putting 220+ units of food on the market at $1000/unit. At one unit per lot. Now when anybody typed in the command "market", they got pages and pages of lots with one unit of food for sale.

Well, the deity fixed this by buying all the food himself and changing Macedon's representative's name. My only commant was that is was a very childish thing to do. Anyway, Macedonian bones are being picked over right now.

The other major war of the week was (emphasis on "was") the Seville vs France/Castile war. This war was settled when Ireland needed more space. So he sent his high tech air force over very lightly gaurded French territory. No longer having to fight both France and Castile, Seville was able to eat up Castile.

Currently, the only major action going on right now is the "Denmark" incedent. Denmark was down to 6 sectors due to a Macedonian attack. After the combined offensive against Macedon was successful, Denmark was able to rebuild to over 25 sectors. The only problem was that Denmark was short of space and had to put his capitol on the coast. And that is where Uppsala pinpoint bombers and landing craft found it. Before sacking the Denmark capitol the Uppsala aircorp destroyed the majority of Denmarks fighter cover in a single huge bombing raid. Initially wanting only the cash from the capitol, Uppsala decided he better get the Denmark sectors before some other lush did.

In much more light hearted, non-intense wars, the countires of Nigeria and Mauritania have been at it back and forth and both are talking a good fight but niether has shown the drive to take the other out. The same can be said for the Carthage/Cyrenicia war. These two wars have been on low heat for the better portion of the game. I guess neither side has enough tiddlywinks to take out the other.

The "I really love empire" award goes to Portugal. For almost a week he fought on with only 2 - 4 sectors. He finally fell for good when he ran out of money. Guerrillas continue to fight on though.

Tech levels are at up to the second generation of planes. Fighter 2's, escort 2's, lt bomer 2's, and long range bombers are starting to show up at factories in several countries. Jet tech is still at least a week away though.

     - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
         as of Thu Sep  3 07:40:01 1992
            sects  eff  civ  mil shell gun  pet iron dust food oil  pln ship money
      Urartu 225   83% 167K  10K 3.0K 375  2.5K  41K 2.3K  59K 3.4K 160   20  380K
   Petrozova 240   93% 192K 6.0K 3.5K 145  7.0K  28K 1.1K  74K 3.4K 170    2  275K
       Vaaso 190   89% 141K 9.3K 5.2K 390  6.8K  34K 2.0K  33K 1.9K 210   30   55K
     Ireland 150   90% 131K 7.7K 2.4K 225  6.1K  13K 3.3K  29K 3.6K 190    7  130K
     Romania 145   97% 113K 7.8K 1.9K 420  4.3K  21K 2.7K  34K 7.0K 150   10  185K
   Czechoslo 145   98% 133K 4.8K 625  165  3.4K  25K 3.2K  41K 2.1K  50    2  110K
     Uppsala 100   90%  84K 3.3K 4.2K 400  5.6K  16K 1.4K  28K 1.8K 210   10   70K
     Holland 115   86%  87K 3.6K 1.6K 210  1.7K  16K 1.8K  22K 6.5K  60    0   25K
     Ukraine  90   97%  78K 2.3K 1.8K 180  2.2K 6.2K 1.2K  22K 3.5K 140    7  115K
    Carthage  80   88%  56K 4.5K 225   75  850  5.8K 600   11K 1.0K  30    8  195K
     Seville 100   79%  57K 1.3K 100   45  2.1K  12K 650   17K 750   50    0   75K
   Mauritana  80   90%  43K 1.6K 875  265  1.3K  12K 800  8.4K 3.0K  30   10  110K
     Georgia  65   93%  53K 2.9K 1.3K  70  450  8.2K 650  9.5K 650   50    0   20K
     Nigeria  70   74%  44K 1.7K 1.2K  45  1.1K 6.0K 1.1K 8.7K 1.3K 100    1   40K
       Egypt  35   93%  32K 2.1K 300   30  450  1.6K 550  7.5K 900   10   10   55K
   Cyrenicia  35   94%  27K 2.5K 175   15  200  1.0K 450  4.7K 200    5    4   30K
     Iceland  15   99%  15K 150  350   30  450  6.0K 500  9.1K 500    9   10   85K
     Macedon  55   78%  15K 2.9K 100   45  150  1.7K  48  2.8K 150   10    3  5.0K
     Denmark  20   63% 7.4K 850  125   25  200  700  250  3.5K   2   20    0   50K
       Urals   5   82% 2.0K  50    0    0    0    0    1  1.1K   1    0    1   60K
      Russia  10   56% 250    7    0    0    0  400   22  300  100    0    0   60K
             ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
   worldwide 2.0K  89% 1.5M  75K  29K 3.2K  47K 254K  24K 424K  42K 1.6K 140  2.1M

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Seven weeks after start, September 25th, 1992

Tension runs high across Europe as only 6 viable countries remain. The past week has seen Carthage ground into the sand and the leader of Nigeria has headed for the mountians, since that's all he has left. Rumor has it that the once proud country of Nigeria tried a pre-emptive strike on Ireland. Obviously if this was true, he was rebuffed. Shortly after that Ireland and Urartu took his country apart with large smiles.

The latest form of entertainment/war is the fortress barrage. A large portion of every border is comprised of forts (loaded with guns and shells of course). Sometime these are several sectors deep. Any ground attacks get mauled by as many as 10-15 incoming shells. To work around this, a fort near the country's range limit (up to 4 for everybody now) shells one sector for 20, 40, 60, 80 rounds. Or however many it takes to clean it up. Sort of a low tech tactical nuke. Then military is explored in. Needless to say, nobody flies over these areas. The anti-aircraft and fighter cover make bombing runs impractical. Countries have been know to lose well over 1000 shells in a single day.

The counries of Romania and Vaaso are using this barage technique to the fullest (against each other) while Urartu and Petrozovadsk are also exchanging quit a few shells.

Politically, here is how things are shaping up. Urartu and Romania have a very tight alliance with each other. More losely banded with them is Ireland. Petrozovadsk and Vaaso are also tightly allied. Holland was loosly allied with Urartu/Romanina/Ireland but made a major announcement earlier where he severed all alliances. He then declaed he will not attack anyone untill the Sunday morning update. Politically, this was a huge victory for Vaaso/Petrozoadsk.

The military and economic situation is statring to look like this. Romania is being proped up by Urartu loans (to about the tune of $150,000 right now). Vaaso fighter raids have wreaked havok on the Romanian treasury and have forced the Urartu government to help prop up the Romanians. Vaaso and Petrozoadsk have both done a major turn around in cash flow. The both went from negative tens of thousands of dollars per update to positive cash flows bringing their cash reserves from $50-75k last week to where they are curently.

Holland has maintained solvency even with it's large airforce mainly by staying out of major battles. It can be assumed that most of his planes are at 100%. The same can be said for Ireland. However the difference is that Ireland has a much larger country and therefore has been bringing in a lot more money. Some of it has been spent on the huge fleet that he posseses.

Urartu has of course done the best lately. He has handled his border disputes with Petrozovadsk and Vaaso in inexpensive ways. His planes are not taking significant amounts of damage and he has a small navy. Put these together with his 520 sector/460,000 civilian country and his cash total has been steadly climbing.

Now let's start talking about the scary stuff. Some countries are approaching nuclear technology. This, by the way, is a first for European empire. However, baby nukes are very expensive in every way, shape, and form. They cost a lot of money, they use a lot of rads and oil, and they don't do that much damage. So it will be interesting to see if people start throwing nukes around when they do reach tech 240. Countries like Urartu, Vaaso, and Ireland probably will as they have the cash and oil to build them. And a couple of small nuke here and there could help shorten their wars. Petrozovadsk is low on oil but has some money. But he can always buy oil on the market. Holland and Romania just don't have the money, but I am sure the Romanian government would just love to lob a couple of 10kt'ers at Vaaso. This all depends on relative tech levels and what the individual country looks like when it gets to nuke tech. There has been a lot of speculation of who is the tech leader with a lot of credit going to Holland. He has stongly denied this and, I believe, proved this. In any event, less than 40 points seperate the leader from the lagger (excluding Nigeria).

        - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
         as of Fri Sep 25 08:48:19 1992
            sects  eff  civ  mil shell gun  pet iron dust food oil  pln ship money
      Urartu 520   96% 463K  19K  17K 1.7K  17K 158K 3.8K 290K 7.0K 540    9  1.0M
       Vaaso 450   89% 368K  13K 9.7K 1.1K 7.5K  83K 3.0K 110K 8.7K 340   40  230K
     Ireland 370   94% 290K  14K  16K 1.1K  22K  51K 5.0K  94K  14K 380   60  365K
   Petrozova 300   97% 274K  11K 8.4K 475   22K  52K 1.0K 108K 4.3K 270    5  280K
     Holland 190   94% 162K 3.8K 7.4K 760  9.5K  17K 2.1K  63K  13K 340    0   90K
     Romania 170   93% 148K 6.3K 3.4K 785  7.5K  17K 2.1K  66K 4.3K 180   10   75K
     Nigeria  25   83% 4.0K 100  350   10   30  600    1  1.5K   1    0    1  125K
             ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
   worldwide 2.0K  94% 1.7M  66K  63K 6.0K  85K 378K  17K 733K  51K 2.1K 120  2.2M

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Game Summary

This is the final power report for European Empire III. The game was considered "over" by the four remaining viable countries. The game ended as Petrozovadsk was just about to enter the nuclear age. Ireland was only four points behind him in tech. Urartu was a few truns behind, and Vaaso a few turns more. I can not give the specifics as I was out for the entire week last week when the game was ended.

The four countries did not declare victory though, only survivorship. Urartu was waring with Petozovadsk. However the effort needed to run a country of his size took so much time and effort, he had little to to devote to war. Also, this game had a 480 minute sign on limit. Urartu was hitting that limit every day. Not to mention the fact that Petozovadsk was putting up a good fight and had a stong economy.

Vaaso and Ireland had the same size problem as Urartu. The effort needed
to take any one of the four countries down would have been an extreemly long
effort, so the players called the game a draw. Needless to say, Romania and
Holland were not given any say in the matter.

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Final Power

          - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
         as of Mon Oct  5 09:15:25 1992
            sects  eff  civ  mil shell gun  pet iron dust food oil  pln ship money
      Urartu 683   98% 545K  13K  30K 2.2K  27K 297K 5.3K 419K 9.7K 739   13  1.8M
       Vaaso 552   88% 408K  18K  25K 2.9K  14K 110K 2.6K 192K 5.9K 459   54  381K
     Ireland 497   94% 380K  12K  23K 1.4K  30K  63K 4.0K 141K  10K 431   37  826K
   Petrozova 254   96% 210K 6.7K  18K 1.0K  22K  55K 462   85K 1.2K 301    5  499K
     Holland  56   89%  37K 2.0K 220  102  2.3K 1.1K  43   17K 1.0K  66    0   99K
     Romania   6   90% 717  153  353   46   31    0    0  875  200    0    9   10K
             ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
   worldwide 2.0K  94% 1.6M  52K  97K 7.7K  95K 527K  12K 854K  28K 2.0K 120  3.6M

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Final Report

No report

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No announcements

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So as the game comes to a conclusion, it's time to hand out the awards.

The Best General Award goes to Vaaso. In the early part of the game, Vaaso
fought off a determined three front offensive and eventurally enveloped his
enemies. Later, he correctly assumed that Uppsala and Czechoslovakia were
about to attack him. He pre-emptivly attacked both of them only hours before
their offensive and greatly reduced their offensive capability.

The British Empire Award has to go to Ireland. He started with an island
only 2/3 the size of the standard country. By games end, he managed to exert
his influence in North Africa, Iberia, Western Europe, the Mediterranean,
Iceland, and Italy.

The Toymakers Award goes to Pertozovadsk for having the highest tech and
being the first to build all the neatest toys. Even though the game was over,
Petrosovadsk did build a couple of baby nukes.

The Malcom Baldridge Quality Award goes to Urartu. He took over for
Anatolia after the first week and completly turned the country around. His
trademark was a powerfull economy as indicated by his levels of shells, guns,
iron, food, and money. Not to mention all those planes. It seems like every
sector he had was always producing at 100%. After eating up an enemy, Urartu
had the occupied sectors producing a lot of materials in a little bit of time.

The Milton Bradly Award goes to Romania. Two weekends ago, Romania had
his internet connection severed for some weekend repairs. It was the heaviest
weekend of fighting in the game. When Romania finally got back on, what was
left of his country was in ruins. But the leader of Romania smiled and said
"It's only a game" with nary a complaint.

And Holland gets named Mr. Congeniality just for hanging around untill
the end.

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