The PEA Pages

These web pages contain up-to-date info about currently running games and various Empire projects. They are automatically updated every hour at 35 minutes past the hour.

These are the Empire blitzes running right now. Most of them restart once per day. This is an excellent place to learn how to play Empire. If you want to play competitively, I suggest that you connect right after the game restarts.
Long Term Games
Here's where the serious Empire is being played.
Available Countries
Looking to play in a long term game that's already started? You can find a list of people seeking replacements or co-rulers here. If you are looking for a replacement or a co-ruler, then please add yourself to the list!
Wish Lists [NEW]
Have a neat idea which you think would make Empire even better? Submit it here!
Look here for new game announcements, reports for games which have recently ended, and info about new developments in the server.
Need help getting started? Contact one of the people on this page.
The Who's Who of Empire
A complete directory of Empire deities, coders, and administrators.
The Empire Hall of Fame
This is a list of the players that have won recent games. If your enemy's name is on this list, then you could be in for a challange!
Coding Projects
Here is a list of Empire coding projects that people are currently involved in.
Server Discussion
A number of people have been working together to improve the Empire server. This is an archive of their discussion. This archive gets updated every hour at 37 minutes past the hour. If you have time to help out (fixing bugs and adding features to the Server) then please contact Ken Huisman.
Client Discussion [dead link]
A forum of discussion about writing Empire clients.

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