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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

Up until the beginning of the Wolfpack Empire project, Empire was generally maintained by a single individual. Many people would make contributions, suggestions, and additions to the Empire community, but the main administration was always handled by a single individual. This all changed in 1996.

The Wolfpack started out as a very small group of players who decided to take on the task of maintaining and supporting Empire around June-July of 1996. The first release of the code was made in August, 1996 (Empire 4.0.0) It has since grown to a team of roughly 10-15 people with varying degrees of responsibility. There are both active and retired players on the team.

When the Wolfpack originally formed, it was decided to keep ourselves anonymous due to the extremely volatile nature of Empire at the time. Personal attacks, mudslinging, insults and huge flame wars, while all part of the game were being directed at the developers. We decided that it was better to put no face on the Wolfpack in order to deflect many of these problems. It worked.

For a little over 2 years we remained anonymous, until the state of the Empire community had grown to the point where we believed that staying anonymous was no longer an issue. In addition, with the release of the software under the GPL, we believed it was a good time to reveal who was really doing all the work behind the scenes. So, near the end of October, 1998, we did just that.

Today, the Wolfpack Team is comprised of the following individuals:

      * - Current head of the Wolfpack Project

There is an additional group of people who have made huge contributions to Empire who remain as part of the Wolfpack Team in an advisory role. These are:

Administration of Empire covers many areas of responsibility. These include:

Empire has now become large enough that it requires a team to handle the administrative aspects.

As a team, we recognize that players may sometimes become frustrated at one aspect or another of the administration of Empire. Before tossing those rotten tomatoes at us, please keep in mind that all of us contribute our time and resources to this project voluntarily and without any compensation.

If you have any questions, bugs to report, or flames (well, think twice about the flames please!) just send us an e-mail at