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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

Here you will find information about past, present and future Empire games.

Want to get into a game? Notices are posted to for almost all new long term (usually thematic) games.

But, there are always Empire games running. Blitzes are a great place for the beginning player to cut their teeth. Once you've mastered the basics, try a repeating game for a taste of the real thing.

If you are a new player, and want to know what to do to connect to one of these blitzes, see "How to get started" in the Players section.

New thematic games
     New games that are starting up and are run
     by specific theme. These are generally long
     term games lasting one to three months.
     The record is something around six months.
     These are the most competitive games, and
     generally become recorded in Empire history.

Repeating games
     The games that are run on regular basis and
     restart once in a while. These usually last a
     month. The level of competitiveness is not as
     high, but they are still good for learning or
     casual play.

     Currently running blitzes where you can just
     login and play. These types of games do
     not last long, often resetting after a day. If
     you play your country right in a game like
     this, you can reach tech 1000 or even
     occupy every sector in the world.

Old games
     Listing of old game endings, with power
     charts, reports, etc. (where available)