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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

"All the news that fits, we print."
May, 1995
Vol. 2, No. 4

In This Edition

What's New

The Planet's Empire Archives (
Hats off to Dave Nye at Empire.Net ( for giving
Empire a new official archive site! This site is mirrored once per day by
the PEA Mirror ( You can also access
the PEA via ftp to either or

The Empire Project (
There are a few bugs in the Server that need to be fixed. If you can help,
then please contact Ken Huisman.

"Dr. Pepper Weekend Madness"
This game was won by Wyoming.

Dwarven Chowder IV
was won by Pudline and The_Jainists.

"Almost Better Than Beer" Tournament
Pat Loney has announced an Empire Tournament!

This is a new long term game which has started up.

Ualberta Blitz
Ken Huisman is running an auto-resetting blitz to test out the new server.

WS Empire1.01 (ftp://ftp.Empire.Net/pub/empire/player/clients/
Jonathan Butler has released a new and improved Empire client for
Microsoft Windows. He intends to build a full Graphical User Interface. If
he succeeds, Empire could get big. I mean _BIG_.

Administration (
Current Projects (
Hall of Fame (
Who's Who? (
These sections have been moved out of the EMPIRE NEWS and onto the PEA.

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Current long term games

These are the long term games currently running:

game name         host                      port  country password  started
British Empire II        1617 Visitor Visitor   28 Feb 95
World War II       13715 Visitor Visitor   29 Feb 95
BioHazard                1617 visitor1 visitor1 25 Apr 95
BTB Tourney 1         1618 visitor visitor    1 May 95
BTB Tourney 2         1619 visitor visitor    1 May 95
BTB Tourney 3         1620 visitor visitor    1 May 95
BTB Tourney 4         1621 visitor visitor    1 May 95
game name         deity                 updates:  frequency   ETU's  time
British Empire II                 5/week(M-F) 60   12:00 EST
World War II                 1/2 days    60   10:00 EST
BioHazard           1/day       60   22:30 EDT
BTB Tourney 1         5/week(M-F) 60   11:00 EDT
BTB Tourney 2         5/week(M-F) 60   11:30 EDT
BTB Tourney 3         5/week(M-F) 60   12:00 EDT
BTB Tourney 4         5/week(M-F) 60   12:30 EDT

Dr. Pepper Weekend Madness II
was won by Wyoming. 96x64 (medium sized), 20 countries, 40 sector start islands 3 sectors apart. Played only on weekends with updates every hour on the hour from 10:00 EDT until 16:00 EDT. The game ended early due to "problems changing service providors". Here are the top two at the end of the game:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
  Wyoming 454   84% 332K 8.7K 5.7K 640  4.8K  52K  20K 6.5K 230   25   30  135K
 Swithjod 212   93% 173K 6.8K 2.2K 252  5.1K  43K 4.6K 6.1K 113   25   19   99K

Dwarven Chowder IV -- The Grande Finale
Was won by Pudline and The_Jainists with honorable mention to the satelite allies Waffen and Barsoom. The game was 96x192 (large), continental with a few lakes and rivers. Good to "Wow" resources. This is the final game in the Dwarven Chowder series because Dusty is graduating. Here are the top five of the final power report:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
The_Jaini 933   98% 836K  25K 5.4K 1.3K 6.0K 186K  13K  24K 640   81  229  593K
  Camelot 681   98% 648K  18K  16K 1.0K  11K 141K 6.0K  21K 266  219  204  151K
BillTheCa 634   97% 549K  22K  16K 1.5K  11K 128K 2.3K  29K 495  148  176   21K
  PudLine 604   93% 524K  22K 6.0K 937  9.0K 106K 9.9K  17K 272   90  220  106K
     CCCP 626   97% 562K  18K 8.2K 1.3K  12K 112K 4.5K  18K 209   94  149  134K

World War II
160x80 (large), 30 countries, 28 sector start island, 6 sectors apart.
This is the World War II Empire. You start at tech 220 and stay there.
Here are the current top four of the power chart:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
   Panzie 135   96%  98K 4.5K 1.6K 220  4.5K  21K 4.2K  12K  70   30   40   20K
Dristonia 115  100%  81K 4.2K 4.1K 690  5.0K  22K 750  5.7K  70   60   30   45K
 Cathouse 125   95%  76K 3.5K 3.5K 630   12K  22K 600  7.5K  70   50   20   30K
Tallistan  90   91%  39K 2.9K 2.0K 275  4.6K  11K 2.2K 5.7K  80   30   10   20K

British Empire II
170x56 (medium sized world), 21 countries, 45 sector start islands 4
sectors apart. Here are the current top four:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
   Angels 575   94% 416K  16K  21K 1.5K  36K 135K  12K  22K 280   50   80  115K
   mayhem 200   92% 162K 8.1K 9.1K 490  2.3K  29K 3.7K 4.7K  50   20   30  120K
  Caladan 120   97% 104K 5.2K 3.2K 240  1.5K  23K 1.1K 9.2K  40   10   20   20K
    Andor  80  100%  79K 2.0K 3.0K 270  3.0K  22K 1.4K 5.5K  40   20   20   10K

100x50 (smalish), 10 countries, 70 sector start islands. This game appears to be down at the present time.

The Better than Beer Tournament This Empire tournament has its own Web Page ( !

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Name        host                     port coun pass   updates  resets
Riverworld 1618 1-10 1-10 10 min 20:00 EDT
UAlberta 7777 1-10 1-10 10 min 19:30 EDT

Riverworld Blitz
TCP/IP address is The first update is at 20:30 EDT. To give late-starters a better chance, Drake has changed the start configuration of this game somewhat--you begin with 30 sanctuaries, each containing 550 civs. You can login to the Riverworld blitz as a visitor using either "Visitor/Visitor" or "visitor/visitor". One neat thing about the Riverworld blitz is that every night, the game gets videotaped, and the next day you can download a video of the game (see World Wide Web). This game now has HUGE nuclear weapons with bleed to sanctuary nations enabled, so if you connect in the afternoon, you should be able to try out the big nuke toys.

Ualberta Blitz
TCP/IP address is The UAlberta blitz is running the latest
version of the new threaded server code! Similar startup system to the
Riverworld Blitz, except the start islands have 40 sectors. Please try out
this blitz to help the Server Team give the new server a good workout.

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Empire FAQ (
If you are completely new to Empire, then you should begin by reading this document (Frequently Asked Questions about Empire).

harmless guide to Empire (
This hypertext document is by far the best introduction to Empire on the

Users Guide (
This document is a few years out of date but is currently being revised.

Deity Handbook
Chad Zabel has written a guide to help Deities compile and run the Empire
Server. Here is the table of contents:
1 Getting the source code and compiling the game.
2 Making modifications to the existing code.
3 Seting up a game: world generation, resources, adding countries.
4 Running a game: Deity commands and scripts.
5 Where to Get Help: fixing, debuging, and updating the source code.

How to Run a Game
Before making a game announcement to r.g.e, please read and heed this

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The Chainsaw Server
This is the server that most people are using to run their games.

The New Threaded Server
If you'd like to try running the beta version of the new server, then get
this one.

Empire Tools (
If you do not have GNUmake or mkmf on your system, then you will also need to get this so that you can compile the server.

Linux mkmf (
Linux users will need to get this version of mkmf.

Deity Handbook
Deities are highly encouraged to read this.

The Empire Project Home Page (

PAST A team of coders has been working to improve the Empire Server. Dave Pare merged the three main server programs into one monolith server which uses threaded client-server communications. There are now no known bugs in the new Server. Ken Huisman beta-released the new
Server and called it "empire 2 beta 0 revision 0" or "empire2b0r0".
Since then, the server has been ported to SunOS 4.x, Linux, Unixware,
and AIX and about 12 of the WISH LIST items have been coded.

Ken Huisman set up an auto-resetting blitz to test the new server
code. It always uses the most recent version of the code.

After much discussion, the server team has decided to change the
pinbombing command so that players will now have to specify what they
want to hit before the planes leave the ground. While it is clear
that many players enjoy the flexibility of choosing what they're
going to hit once the planes are there, the difficulty is that it
forces us to code thread stacks into the server which makes the
server much harder to port. It's not clear yet who will be "single
threading" the new server. But rest assured this job will get done by
the turn of the millenium.

If all goes well, most of the important items on the WISH LIST will
be addressed within a year and we will have a vastly improved Empire
Server, which will be released as Empire 3.0!

Server Project Mailing List
The mailing list, a forum of discussion regarding changes to the server,
has been established (with current traffic about 2 mail messages per
month). If, and ONLY IF you are very familiar with the Empire source code, have experience modifying the Empire source, and have time to help with the Server project, send mail to with the body content: subscribe

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This Newsletter

If you have any additions/corrections/changes/feedback to the information in this post, please email me at with "EMPIRE NEWS" in the subject line.

Ken Stevens a.k.a. Buster, ruler of children

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