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May 13, 1994

In This Edition


What's New

This is what's happened in the Empire world since the last edition of EMPIRE NEWS:

A new game called "Smorgasboard" (ed. intentional misspelling?) has been announced! (see "New Games Starting Up").

There is a new blitz called "Levante" running every day (see "Blitzes").

Two new perl clients (pec and hpc) and three new tools (autofeed, chitools, and simu) have been uploaded to the ksu archive (see "Clients" and "Player Tools").

Kevin Leco's beautiful new plane code has arrived in the ksu archive (see "Server Code"). Deities are encouraged to recompile their servers using this code (it is a 800% improvement over the old plane code).

Drake Diedrich has uploaded to the ksu archive a kit of all the tools he uses to run the Riverworld games (see "Deity Tools"). He has also uploaded bug fixes for the Chainsaw 3.31 code (see "Server Code").

Karl S. Hagen (the keeper of the ksu archives) has set up a WWW page for empire (see "World Wide Web").

I have decided to use people's real names in this newsletter, even though you may know them better by their country name (see "Who's Who?").

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New games starting up

40 etu updates every day, update at 3:30am EST (*yawn*), hard tech,
NO NUKES. Starting at the end of May. Mail your country name and
password to:

"Denver Flatland"
No sea, no mountains, 100% resources (except for dust which is 50%),
hard tech (log 2.75 after 3) game starting on the 13th of May (first
update May 14). Send your country name and password to:

"Hidden 3"
Kevin Leco will announce the third Hidden game sometime early in the
fall. He is presently looking for a machine to run it on. If you
have a machine that he'd be able to use, then please email him at:

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These blitzes reset every day:

Name         host                port  coun pass   updates  resets
Riverworld   1618  1-10 1-10   10 min   7:30pm EST
Levante    3000  1-15 1-15   10 min   3:30am EST

You can login to the Riverworld blitz as a visitor using either
"Visitor/Visitor" or "visitor/visitor".

The "Tilo" blitz runs modified code which decays commodities every update.

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Current long term games

These are the long term games currently being run:

Name         host                port  country  password   updates  started
Riverworld   1617  visitor  visitor    1/4 days Nov 93
Hidden       1617                      1/day    Jan 94
Junkiefest 2 1617  Visitor  Visitor    3/day    Apr 94

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Clients are available via anonymous ftp to in the
directory /pub/Games/Empire/clients:

system       location                                        works?
Unix (standard) /pub/Games/Empire/clients/empclient-1.1.tar.Z   yes
Unix (aliases)  /pub/Games/Empire/clients/eif1.0.1.tar.Z        yes
Unix (perl)     /pub/Games/Empire/clients/            yes
Unix (perl)     /pub/Games/Empire/clients/                yes
X-windows       /pub/Games/Empire/clients/xemp5.0.02.tar.Z      not sure
VMS             /pub/Games/Empire/clients/VMS                   yes
VM_CMS          /pub/Games/Empire/clients/VM_CMS                not sure

eif1.0.1.tar.Z "Empire InterFace" by Doug hay offers aliases and
access to system files and programs. It's a great client! "Perl Empire Client" by Sean "Elven King" Eddy, Michael
"the Elf" Feuell, and Sam "Drazz'zt" Tetherow. "Harmless Perl Client" by Drake Diedrich.

The advantage of a perl client is that it is easier to integrate other
tools directly into it.

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Empire documentation is available at

Empire FAQ:

Empire Description:

Chainsaw info pages:
The info pages are also available on WWW at:

Users Guide (3 years out of date--currently being revised):

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Server Code

If you want to run a game, you can get the source for the server from

Thomas Ruschak, the author of the most recent version of empire
(called "chainsaw"), expects to finish fixing the last of the bugs in
the Chainsaw code and release it as "Empire 2.0" sometime this summer
or next fall.

Kevin Leco has modified the plane code to generate more readable air
combat reports. Deities are encouraged to replace the aircombat.c and
mission.c files in chainsaw.3.31.tar.Z with ones found in:

Drake Diedrich has uploaded a diff file containing all the bug-fixes
to Chainsaw 3.31 used in the Riverworld games (mostly changes in the
info files and spelling corrections):

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Player Tools

Player tools are available via anonymous ftp to in the
directory /pub/Games/Empire/tools/Player:

submitted name author language works?
Sep 2 1992 EddyTools.tar.Z Sean Eddy C no
Sep 2 1992 GEET-2d.tar.Z Lynn Slater elisp no
May 12 1994 autofeed Jim Gillogly perl yes
May 12 1994 Ken Stevens C,awk,perl yes
Sep 2 1992 cmc-tools.tar.Z Cowboy Bob/King Craig C no
Dec 18 1991 ewall.tar.Z ??? ??? no
Sep 2 1992 Scott D. Yelich postscript yes
Sep 2 1992 Jim Gillogly perl yes
Dec 18 1991 rdist.tar.Z ??? C no
May 12 1994 simu Drake Diedrich awk yes
Apr 9 1993 ve.tar.Z see below C almost

To add your tools to the archive, send email to
and he'll tell you what to do.

Here is a summary of the tools that work:

autofeed moves food from sectors with too much to those with too little. contains 7 tools including a civ mover, production delta
program, spy info database, and a mail-like interface for reading
telegrams. prints hex paper. parses the news into a more concise form and produces a
summary report at the end.

simu is an update simulator, showing you what your country will look
like after the next update.

ve.tar.Z "visual empire" is a cursers interface for viewing your
country. It was written by Matthew Diaz, Michael Baldwin,
Bill Jones, Jim Knutson, Ken Montgomery, Dan Reynolds, Jeff Wallace,
and Julian Onions (*whew!*). Don Harper is currently fixing it.

These are the tools that either do not work, or are obsolete:

EddyTools.tar.Z contains 3 tools. "distributer" and "civmover" are
out of date and do not work, but "accountant" (calculates production
deltas) still works.

GEET-2d.tar.Z is an emacs "robot" client that doesn't work.

cmc-tools.tar.Z was a fantastic civ-moving tool and I wish someone
would fix it. What was so great about it was the way you could set
civ-moving prioritites in a configuration file. It has 4 tools,
"pmvr", "mmvr", "umvr" (for moving civs, mil, and uw's) and a "dist"
tool for setting dist paths (now obsolete).

ewall.tar.Z is a tool for sending telegrams to multiple recipients
(now obsolete).

rdist.tar.Z What the heck is this? There's no documentation.

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Deity Tools

submitted    name                   author              language    works?
Feb 13  1992 DuckScripts.tar.Z      Don Harper          mixed       yes
Feb 13  1992 EvilDeityScripts.tar.Z Dave Nye            sh          yes
Oct 11  1991 emptools.tar.Z         Peter J. Nicklin    C           yes
Jul 12  1993 fairland.1.6.2.tar.Z   Ken Stevens         C           yes
May 13  1994 RiverworldTools.tar.Z  Drake Diedrich      mixed       yes
Nov  6  1992 transferkit.tar.Z      Thomas Ruschak      C           yes?
Nov  6  1992 xland-2.0.tar.Z        Dan Bennet          C           no
Apr  9  1993 xland-chain3.0.tar.Z   Dan Bennet & Tom    C           yes?

Here is a description of the various deity tools:

DuckScripts.tar.Z contains 35 perl, awk, and csh scripts which parse
the output of various empire report commands (power, plane, prod, etc.)
and generate summaries of the data.

EvilDeityScripts.tar.Z contains the shell scripts "saveass" and
"watchdog". "saveass" saves a copy of the empire data files just
before an update so that you can restore from backups if something
goes wrong. "watchdog" checks to see if either emp_tm or emp_login
has crashed, and if they have, restarts them. A sample crontab is

emptools.tar.Z contains the source for GNUmake version 3.56 (probably
quite an old version) and mkmf ("make makefile"), two unix utilities
used to compile the server.

fairland.1.6.2.tar.Z is a land generator program (now a part of
chainsaw.3.31.tar.Z I believe), which creates a world with a specified
number of continents of a specified size with equal resources.

RiverworldTools.tar.Z contains a number of scripts for running a game. It
includes modifications of Dave Nye's "watchdog" and "saveass" scripts,
as well as scripts for auto-resetting a blitz, a script for checking
login irregularities, and a cool program which draws colour maps
of the game as it progresses and converts them into a mpeg movie.

transferkit.tar.Z is a program for transfering a game from one machine
to another.

xland-chain3.0.tar.Z replaces xland-2.0.tar.Z. It is an X-windows
program used by deities to "draw" land for an empire game using a mouse.

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World Wide Web

If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can connect to Empire's
new WWW page at:

What's the World Wide Web? See for yourself. To quote Drake Diedrich, "It is way cool." If you have emacs, then you can connect to the World Wide Web using "w3". Just ftp the following two elisp packages and install them:

diredall.tar.Z available at ftp.thp.Uni-Koeln.DE /pub/gnu/emacs w3.tar.gz available at /pub/elisp/w3

There are also more graphical WWW clients available (e.g. X-windows), but I don't know where they are--once you get into WWW with the macs client, you should be able to find out where they are.

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Who's Who?

The cast in order of appearance:

Name                   Country      Deity of
Kevin Leco             Waffen       Hidden
Drake Diedrich         harmless     Riverworld
Doug Hay (retired)     Alien
Sean Eddy              Mirkwood
Michael Feuell         Krikkit      Carnage
Sam Tetherow           Khazad'ur
Thomas Ruschak         The_Scum     Chainsaw
Jim Gillogly           Banzai, POE
Ken Stevens            children
Don Harper             Duckland
Dave Nye (retired)     EvilEmpire

I do not know the names of the countries usually played by Lynn
Slater, Cowboy Bob, King Craig, Scott Yelich, Matthew Diaz, Michael
Baldwin, Bill Jones, Jim Knutson, Ken Montgomery, Dan Reynolds, Jeff
Wallace, Julian Onions, and Dan Bennet. If you know the name of the
country that any of these people usually play, don't hesitate to email
it to me.

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This Newsletter

If you have any additions/corrections/changes to the information in
this post, please email me at

Ken Stevens a.k.a. Buster, ruler of children

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