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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

A Wolfpack Empire Publication
"All the news that fits, we print."
February, 2004

In This Edition

What's New?

The Changeling Blitz is now running unreleased development versions of
the server. Developers tag the version they deem fit for Changeling
in CVS, and the Changeling scripts periodically update the Changeling
server to that version. The good news is that people are still
playing Changeling, so developers haven't been able to scare off all
of you, yet ;-)

Geoff Cashman posted `Lord of the Rings Empire II: Deity's Diary' on This is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of a major

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Links/Resources/Getting Started

Home of Wolfpack Empire :
Usenet :
More :

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New Games

Jeff Cotter announced `Bidder's War', the first (and maybe last) game
in his St@r W@rs Empire series, to go live on Friday, February 13.
This game is mainly for play-testing and tuning his St@r W@r mods.
For details, visit

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Current Games

Havok II `Designing Nations' is running at, port 6665.
Deity is Robert Marchese.

This game has a unique feature: players were asked to design their
start islands. Visit for
more information on game configuration.

Violence has erupted in the last month. Eden was the first victim.
While putting up a vigorous defense of his last island against
DrJellyfinger, Shakespeare tried the back door. Next, Puddles fell to
Ringworld, then Aiser to `...'. Meanwhile, Thistle was wearing down
Phantom, and unemployed joined the fray. Thistle took offense and
drove unemployed back.

     - = [   Empire Power Report   ] = -
      as of Tue Feb  3 02:24:24 2004

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
      ... 155   98% 120K 9.5K 1.7K 220  7.4K  18K 1.3K  14K 110  330  100   40K
DrJellyfi 170   99% 144K 8.0K 2.8K 425  5.0K  20K 900  3.6K 260  230  110   50K
Shakespea 210   95% 180K 7.8K 5.3K 610   10K  16K 750  7.0K 200  180  110   30K
  Thistle 150   98% 111K 6.7K 4.0K 500  8.8K  15K 1.1K 1.3K 110  110   90   35K
Ringworld 115   88%  77K 2.6K 2.0K 240  3.5K  19K 1.2K 800  140   50   40   20K
unemploye  70  100%  63K 3.9K 2.9K 305  1.6K  12K 550  2.5K  60   80   40   35K
    Frank  55  100%  39K 4.3K 1.6K 500  2.1K 4.3K 550  3.3K 160   70   80   20K
          ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
worldwide 930   96% 733K  43K  20K 2.8K  38K 106K 6.3K  33K 1.0K 1.1K 560  180K

The Changeling Blitz is running at, port
6789. This blitz resets at 7:00pm US/Eastern (currently 00:00 UTC)
every day. Updates are enabled at 7:30pm. There is a 60 ETU update
every 10 minutes. Note that world size and some options change daily.
It is up to players to figure that out each day, but typing `version'
helps. Further surprises are possible, as Changeling runs development
snapshots of the server.

The Zebra Blitz is running at, port 5678.
This blitz resets at 6:00pm US/Eastern (currently 23:00 UTC) every
Sunday. Updates are enabled at 6:30pm. There is a 48 ETU update
every hour on the hour.

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Recently Ended Games

No games known to the Empire News ended in the previous month.

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Clients and Player Tools

The basic Empire client can be found at, source as well as binaries
for many platforms.

The latest version of WinACE is 2.3.3. Read the announcement at
and download from

The latest version of PTkEI is 1.18.1. See the PTkEI home page at

The latest version of eif is 1.3.2. See the eif home page at

The latest version of LAFE is 1.0. Get it from
or any other Debian mirror.

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Server and Deity Information

The current Empire server is 4.2.12. Download it from

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From the Editor

Somebody run a big game, please, players are getting restless :)

Markus, a.k.a. Dorwinion

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Hint of the Month

Chrrr, chrrr, *sweet dreams of world domination*, chrrr, chrrr *ping*

Sonar ping from 36,-10 detected by sb submarine (#666)!

Quick, where's the closest destroyer!

ship @36,-10:9 ?type=dd

This shows all destroyers within nine sectors of 36,-10. Here's
another nice application:

fire l @40,18:4 ?type=hat 40,18

Orders all heavy artillery within 4 sectors of the target to fire at

Thanks to Sean Vickery for the suggestion.

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Anno of the Month

From Havoc II:

> Announcement from Shakespeare, (#9)  dated Sun Jan 11 01:48:57 2004
wine loved I deeply, dice dearly: and in woman out-paramoured the
Turk: false of heart, light of ear, bloody of hand; hog in sloth, fox
in stealth, wolf in greediness, dog in madness, lion in prey. Let not
the creaking of shoes nor the rustling of silks betray thy poor heart
to woman: keep thy foot out of brothels, thy hand out of plackets, thy
pen from lenders' books, and defy the foul fiend, empire warriors

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