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"All the news that fits, we print."
April, 1998
Vol. 5, No. 2

In This Edition

What's New

Game Announcement List
Sign up now. Join games. Win same.

Current Games
The tourney moves on the the second round!

Cheetah Blitz
The wolfpack blitz now resets weekly.

Xemp for Wolfpack
Yannick Tremblay is making an alpha xemp for wolfpack available.

Empire Whos Who
Thomas Retkowski would still like contributions to his page.

Empire Wolfpack Server updated to 4.0.14
Bug fixes here and there.

Damn Fine Empire
was won by Luxuria.

Melvin 1.5 Empire
was won by Metallica/Overlord and SNAFU.

Melvin 2.1 Empire
was won by Setia.

Twisted Mind
was won by Ionica.

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New Games Starting Up

No New Games Announced
No new long-term games have been announced.

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Current Games

Current Long-Term Games (
The tourney began the second round of two qualifying games. Stay tuned for another Melvin Empire starting in June.

Current Blitzes (
For the most up-to-date information on available blitzes, see the Empire
page above. Here are the four blitzes confirmed operational at press time: (any others out there?)

Blitz Name  Host                      Port Comments
Vampire              6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.9 
            (                 Resets 6:00 am EST
Cheetah                6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.10
            (                Resets Sunday, 6:00 EST
Low Key     7776 Resets every month.
Tanith         6665 Wolfpack code 4.0.9
            (                Resets 6:00 pm PST

"Low Key" Game
On the first of every month, this game with daily updates will reset.
Anyone interested in playing should connect right away, using one of
countries 1 to 10.

Cheetah blitz
The cheetah blitz at was changed to a weekly blitz. The server
resets at 6:00pm EST on Sunday and updates once an hour. Results are
posted to

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Clients and Player Tools

Empire Game Announcement List
Everybody who's not signed up with Pat Loney should do so RIGHT NOW. New game announcements will be sent to this list. To subscribe, send e-mail to "" with "add myname@myaddress" in the body. (Please substitute your e-mail address. Pat says some people are not.) Deities with new games should notify Pat so he can broadcast to the list. Are there still deities out there?

Xemp for Wolfpack
It's not dead yet. Yannick Tremblay has made some changes to xemp so it will work with the wolfpack server. This is alpha software and is not
currently being maintained. Download it from this directory

Empire Whos Who Page
Thomas Retkowski has a web site with empire players listed. Check it out
at this address ( Send
him e-mail to get added to the list.

Windows GUI Client
Mark Gregory is working on a graphical client for Windows 95 and NT, based on Jonathon Butler's original code. The code is available from this web site (

Jalama: Java Client
Richard Moss has a java client available and has posted the source so far.
I have placed it at (

Horde 0.2 Client
Curtis G Larsen is working on a tcsh client for Linux. He invites
interested users to e-mail him at "".

Pei 2.9.3 is Available
The Perl empire client has been updated to work with the wolfpack server
by Sam Tetherow. See the Pei Home Page

Empire Chat Room
An empire chat room has been set up by Pat Loney. Information is on the
Wolfpack Home Page ( Bernhard Reiter points out that one can also point an IRC client at "", port 6667 and join "#Empire". There are "#Empire" channels on other irc networks, but hell if I know what they're for.

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Server and Deity Information

Wolfpack Server Release 4.0.14
The as-yet unnamed members of the Wolfpack Empire Server Team made available a new release, available from the Wolfpack Server Home Page at ( Inquiries, bug-reports and comments can also be sent to "". For a complete run-down of changes from the 3.x generation server, connect to one of the blitzes ( and enter "info Empire4". Or, point your browser to the wolfpack Change Log (

How to Run a Game
( Before making a game announcement to, please read and heed this document.

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This month's winners

The tourney's first round (as described by ionica)
Game #2, by far the quietest, turned out to be the first one to 8
countries left.

Game #1 was by far the most macho, with no less than 5 countries ganging up on poor Fido to save grrl and get her too round 2. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from round 2, so I the next player in line is Xanadu. This slot WILL be filled from a player in game 1, so if you were in game 1 and didn't advance, send me an e-mail if you want in just in case I march down the power chart to your spot before the first update. I.E. If I don't hear from Xanadu to take it, the next one in line that I talk to after the game opens gets it.

Finally, Game #3 ended with a bang. Lothlorien took out Montjoie so that, in the final 10 minutes, SNAFU advanced instead of Montjoie.

The damn fine game
was won by Luxuria with assistance from McTavish.

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
  Luxuria 584   85% 362K  29K 5.4K 684   12K  91K  31K  22K 527  106  281  178K
Park Plac 161   99% 114K  12K 5.2K 400  2.1K  31K  15K 5.3K  83   44   98  170K
       13 147   97%  96K 9.8K 1.4K 327  8.8K  21K  10K 6.3K 130   57   80  258K
     beep 113  100%  82K 9.2K 1.2K 152  3.4K  26K 9.6K 7.0K 193   29   58  169K

Melvin 1.5
was won by Metallica/Overlord and SNAFU. Probably the most notable update was where ACME_LABS (a brand new player) was overrun by Metallica, only to have every single sector rebel back to his ownership.

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
Metallica 242   91% 194K 4.7K 802  148  1.3K  31K 4.4K 3.8K  95   25   81 10.0K
    SNAFU 153   80% 101K 1.7K 205   99  1.5K 7.3K 1.9K 2.2K  69   12   55   17K
     Fido  86   91%  73K 2.0K 153   85  1.0K  11K 2.0K 751   59   15   35   12K
  Wyoming  91   89%  70K 4.2K 923   86  480   16K 2.5K 1.8K  15    3   43   17K
 #    name                tech      research   education   happiness 
 2     SNAFU             99.67      0.41       26.71      16.40  -14,2
 6     Fido             103.85      1.03       31.61      13.11  -9,19
 11    Wyoming           90.59      1.00       23.27      17.73  12,-22
 22    Metallica         97.37      1.00       26.16      13.39  -11,-1

Melvin 2.1
was won by Setia. Every player started with two islands, one old-owned by another. Setia complained loudest about his setup (only player not able to bridge his two islands), but wound up with a commanding victory.

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
    Setia 210   80% 154K 4.9K 884  128  2.0K  33K 4.7K 3.9K  86    2   34   22K
     Fido 130   87% 108K 4.1K 576  138  4.0K  22K 3.1K 4.5K  80    8   39  7.8K
   Xanadu  88   81%  77K 1.4K 798  152  1.7K  26K 6.2K 8.5K  23    8   28   10K
Metallica  72  100%  67K 2.1K 1.3K 102  2.9K  20K 993  4.4K  80    2   18  6.0K
    SNAFU 112   81%  71K 2.9K 455  181  2.0K  14K 858  2.3K  43    6   14  2.1K
 #    name                tech      research   education   happiness 
      5     Setia            194.31      0.00       17.70       0.00  -18,-10
      13    Fido             201.97      0.00       23.70      22.81  -17,21
      15    SNAFU            176.92      0.00       21.25       0.28  19,-1
      18    Xanadu           186.06      0.00       14.03       1.57  -1,11
      19    Metallica        191.37      0.00       23.36       0.00  -25,9

Twisted Mind Empire
was won by Ionica. A huge deity island ringed by the starting players,
this setup featured some land unit and ship adjustments preventing easy

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
   Ionica 1.2K  97% 1.1M 121K  22K 2.6K  77K 193K  29K  74K 2.3K 1.0K 1.1K 1.3M
      ^^^ 934  100% 868K  69K  14K 1.4K  64K  94K  30K  63K 2.2K 447  355  260K
  Arrakis 643   93% 490K  18K  10K 1.7K  23K  66K  28K  19K 1.8K 435  287  859K
     beep 496   95% 391K  25K  21K 1.4K  38K  49K  16K  34K 964   83  189  716K
 #    name                tech      research   education   happiness 
 8     Arrakis          246.22      0.00       30.40       0.00  62,-44
 13    ^^^              254.96      0.00       34.34       0.00  43,-5
 17    beep             263.03      0.00       47.88       0.00  46,22
 33    Ionica           280.76      0.00       38.35       0.00  -24,-12

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This Newsletter

Mark Ballinger is responsible for the Empire News and the Empire FAQ. If you have suggestions, corrections or announcements, please email me at

Mark Ballinger (Uesugi)

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