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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

"All the news that fits, we print."
April, 1995
Vol. 2, No. 3

In This Edition

What's New

o The ftp archive has been closed. The files that were there
(including the client "pei") have been temporarily moved to Drake's
WWW page (

o The Empire Community needs a new ftp archive (about 150 megabytes). If you
can help, please contact me ( I have a
couple of leads on this, but so far nothing definite.

o The O/S 2 client ( has been lost. If you have a copy,
then please contact me (

o There are a few bugs in the Server that need to be fixed. If you
can help, then please contact Ken Huisman (

o Sven Neuhaus has announced the new long term game "Technodrome"
(see "New Games Starting Up").

o The long term game "Nomad" was won by Ajax and the long term game "NightOwl"
was won by Kanal (see "Long Term Games").

o The Levante blitz running on is down, for ever.
Tilo Levante will try to reinstall the server on another system soon.

o Dave Nye's new company "Empire.Net" is getting established
(see "Current Projects").

o Dwight A. Spitzer is working on a new Windows client for Empire
called SimpCli (see "Current Projects").

o Chad Zabel's has released a new "Deity Handbook"!!
(see "Documentation").

o Ken Huisman has created a WWW page for the Server Project (see "Server").

o Version 2 beta 1 revision 9 of the new server has been released
(see "Server").

o A Linux version of mkmf is now available to let you compile the
server on Linux boxes (see "Server").

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New Games Starting Up

Sven Neuhaus has announced a new long term Empire game called
"Technodrome". The game will be one update per day with fast tech.
For the right amount of fighting, there will be 2 players per start
island. Since the game will be run on a Linux box, bugs are likely to
pop up now and then. If you don't mind this [and the consequences
like lost updates etc], sign up! Btw: The network connection of the
machine is excellent. The game will be rather small - something
around 16 players - and Sven would prefer players that are either
newbies or average - no long term "pros" please. The version of
empire will be Chainsaw 3.31 with some patches. To sign up, mail the
following to

Name of your country:
(password, can be changed)
Number of games played:
(blitzes, long term)
Rate yourself:
(1-10, 1=beginner):
Desired time for the update:
(in GMT, use "date -u" to find out GMT)

NOTE: When I tried to send mail to this address, it bounced. I sent
Sven an email with the error message. Hopefully he will have fixed the
problem by the time you read this post.

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Responsibility       Name            email                 Last Correspondence
Newbie Helpers: Sasha Mikheev 2 Apr 95
Raminder Bajwa 31 Mar 95
Tero Paananen 1 Apr 95
Robert Buckles 3 Apr 95
Ville Virrankoski 3 Apr 95
Don Harper 31 Mar 95
Sam Tetherow 2 Apr 95
Jim Ortlieb 31 Mar 95
Deity Helpers: Jim Ortlieb 31 Mar 95
Kevin Klemmick 3 Apr 95
Sam Tetherow 2 Apr 95
Pat Loney 3 Apr 95
Dave Fish 10 Apr 95
Server Source: Ken Huisman 4 Apr 95
Server WISH LIST: Ken Huisman 4 Apr 95
[1] Info Pages: Drake Diedrich 7 Apr 95
Web Page: Drake Diedrich 7 Apr 95
[2] ftp archive: Karl S. Hagen 31 Mar 95
FAQ and NEWS: Ken Stevens 12 Apr 95
pei source: Ken Stevens 12 Apr 95
Sam Tetherow 2 Apr 95
Users Guide: Geoff Cashman 20 Feb 95
Deity Handbook: Chad M. Zabel 19 Mar 95
List of Deities: Pat Loney 3 Apr 95

"Last Correspondence" refers to the date that the EMPIRE NEWS last
received email from that person.

[1] If you see a change that needs to be made to the info pages, then please get a copy of the troff page from http://random/empire/info.t/, make the change yourself, and then mail it to Drake Diedrich.
[2] We need someone to hold and maintain the Empire Archives,
because Karl has graduated and is no longer able to maintain them. If
you can provide ftp access and have about 150 meg of disk space,
then please contact me.

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Current long term games

These are the long term games currently running:

game name         host                      port  country password  started
Dr. Pepper II               6666 Visitor Visitor   28 Jan 95
Dwarven Chow IV       7777 Visitor Visitor   21 Feb 95
British Empire II        1617 Visitor Visitor   28 Feb 95
World War II       13715 Visitor Visitor   29 Feb 95
game name         deity                 updates:  frequency   ETU's  time
Dr. Pepper         (see below) 60   (see below)
Dwarven Chow IV                1/day       64   14:00 EST
British Empire II                 5/week(M-F) 60   12:00 EST
World War II                 1/2 days    60   10:00 EST

was won last month by Ajax (co-ruled by Resvon & Parsing). Here are
the top four nations in the final power chart:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
     Ajax 770   96% 648K  24K  24K 2.2K  25K 153K 2.7K  23K 908  142  120  293K
   Ionica 684   96% 548K  12K  16K 1.4K  14K 147K 2.1K  14K 580  175  122  433K
  snowman 600   96% 539K  13K  29K 1.7K  19K 138K 4.3K  22K 598  146   84  426K
Khazad'ur 366   98% 314K 8.2K  19K 3.0K  20K  85K 2.0K  10K 344   76   58   37K

"Night Owl"
was won last month by Kanal (co-ruled by Amber & Ice Barbarians).
Here are the top four of the final power chart:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
    Kanal 322   97% 271K 8.6K 4.0K 752  6.1K  70K 3.1K  25K 167   54  137   32K
   Mordor 128   97%  94K 3.7K 1.6K 412  2.7K  25K 1.0K 9.2K  41    5   46   27K
 Manifold 103   91%  88K 4.2K 1.1K 150  1.4K  15K  21  1.4K   0    8   55 -363 
 Doorbell   0    0%   0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0   20K

"Dr. Pepper Weekend Madness II"
96x64 (medium sized), 20 countries, 40 sector start islands 3 sectors apart. Played only on weekends with updates every hour on the hour from 10:00 EST until 16:00 EST. The game will run until there is a winner or Mother's day (14 May 95), whichever comes first. (Power report unavailable.)

"Dwarven Chowder IV -- The Grande Finale"
96x192 (large), continental with a few lakes and rivers. Good to "Wow"
resources. This is the final game in the Dwarven Chowder series
because Dusty is graduating. Here are the current top five:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
The_Jaini 945   97% 814K  27K 7.9K 1.2K 5.5K 189K  19K  23K 560   80  230  630K
  Camelot 690   97% 641K  17K  15K 865   11K 136K 8.0K  21K 320  180  220  150K
BillTheCa 625   98% 529K  21K  13K 1.4K 9.4K 117K 4.5K  29K 520  150  190   75K
  PudLine 600   93% 508K  16K 2.8K 810  1.6K 100K  12K  17K 150   60  170   85K
     CCCP 630   96% 534K  19K 5.6K 1.0K  13K 101K 4.0K  17K 190   80  150   75K

"World War II"
160x80 (large), 30 countries, 28 sector start island, 6 sectors apart.
This is the World War II Empire. You start at tech 220 and stay there.
Here are the current top five of the power chart:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
Dristonia  75   88%  35K 2.0K 800  195  1.6K  13K 1.9K 3.2K  40   30   10   25K
 Cathouse  65   95%  27K 1.9K 800  100  3.0K 6.0K 1.6K 1.8K  50   20    8   15K
      XOX  40   94%  27K 1.2K 1.0K 205  3.4K  11K 1.8K 3.0K  40   20    0   30K
   Panzie  45   97%  28K 1.0K 950  135  1.7K 7.1K  13  1.0K  20    8    5   55K
  Uppland  75   84%  27K 800  450   75  1.4K 5.1K 1.4K 4.2K  20   10    6  2.9K

"British Empire II"
170x56 (medium sized world), 21 countries, 45 sector start islands 4
sectors apart. Here are the current top four:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
   Angels 270   91% 159K 8.0K 1.9K 475  4.9K  61K 6.5K 6.8K  50   60   30   15K
   mayhem 205   91% 127K 8.5K 4.6K 330  3.8K  28K 9.0K 7.0K  40   20   20   45K
  Wyoming 160   82%  80K 5.8K 1.2K 180  2.9K  25K 5.2K 6.5K  40   30   30   10K
  Caladan 135   93%  79K 2.7K 1.4K 120  750   17K 4.0K  14K  30   20   20   25K

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Hall of Fame

Here is a list of the players who have attained Empire Immortality
through winning a long term Empire game:

Game                  Started Ended       Winner(s)
UAlberta Invitat'l I fall 1992 Graahoeje
UAlberta Spring Spring 1993 Revelstone
Unnamed Spring 1993 Sioux
Chainsaw III Spring 1993 Mirkwood
UAlberta Invitat'l II Fall 1993 Revelstone
Chainsaw V Fall 1993 Dolgopa
Junkiefest I Fall 1993 Parpara
Hidden II Jan 94 30 May 94 Menace_2_Society (Lothlorien)
Mr. X (Mantarr & duckland)
Junkiefest II Apr 94 30 May 94 BLT
Found Apr 94 Jul 94 Rad_Zone
Riverworld Nov 93 23 Jul 94 Mirkwood
JunkieFest IV 17 Jun 94 8 Aug 94 Darkland
Dwarven Chowder I 17 Jun 94 8 Aug 94 LV426
Pepsi (Mithrilien & CrackHouse)
Fodderland (Krikkit,Mantarr & duckland)
Smorgasboard 22 May 94 8 Aug 94 LV426
European Empire VI 19 Jul 94 30 Aug 94 Arkhangel (Temekula & Sioux)
Paris (Lothlorien)
UAlberta Open 7 Aug 94 22 Sep 94 Redline
Dwarven Chowder II 4 Oct 94 4 Nov 94 Xylum (LV426 & Lothlorien)
honourable mention: beep
ARCTIC BLAST I 12 Sep 94 15 Jan 95 FortWhoopItUp
Hidden III 12 Sep 94 20 Jan 95 UUCP (UUCP & Parsing)
Nomad 6 Dec 94 27 Mar 95 Ajax (Resvon & Parsing)
NightOwl 20 Jan 95 12 Mar 95 Kanal (Amber & Ice Barbarians)

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Name            host                port  coun pass   updates  resets
Riverworld 1618 1-10 1-10 10 min 20:00 EST daily

TCP/IP address is The first update is at 20:30 EST.
To give late-starters a better chance, Drake has changed the start
configuration of this game somewhat--you begin with 30 sanctuaries,
each containing 550 civs. You can login to the Riverworld blitz as a
visitor using either "Visitor/Visitor" or "visitor/visitor". One neat
thing about the Riverworld blitz is that every night, the game gets
videotaped, and the next day you can download a video of the game (see World Wide Web). This game now has HUGE nuclear weapons with bleed to sanctuary nations enabled, so if you connect in the afternoon, you should be able to try out the big nuke toys.

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Current Projects

These are the projects that Empire coders are currently working on:

project           author            platform    language    last correspondence
SimpCli           Dwight A. Spitzer MS Windows  C++              4 Apr 95
pei 2.0           Sam Tetherow      UNIX        perl             2 Apr 95
Win3 client       Pat Loney         MS Windows  C++              3 Apr 95
MEC1.1.0          Ashley A Thomas   Macintosh   THINK Pascal    31 Mar 95
Deity Database    Pat Loney                                      3 Apr 95
Users.Guide       Geoff Cashman                                 20 Feb 95
WISH LIST         Ken Huisman                                   31 Mar 95
Empire.Net        David Nye                                      5 Apr 95

"last correspondence" refers to the date that the EMPIRE NEWS last
received email from the author.

SimpCli -- "Simple Client"
4 Apr 95: "My client is written in Borland's C++ v4.02 using OWL2
application framework. I borrowed some of Pat Loney's socket code
from his win3_b client to get started. I'm testing it from a
MS-Windows for Workgroups/PC-NFS environment. It works but is very
barebones and rough around the edges. I hope to get a SLIP/PPP
account at home to test with. For now I code at home and test it out
at work during lunch or between other things. I'm not sure anyone
would really want to use it in it's current state but I guess I could
clean it up some (kill the debugging trace so disks don't fill up) and
put it up some place if there was interest." I assured Dwight that
there was MUCH interest in a Windows Empire client. If all goes well,
his client will be available within a couple of weeks.

pei 2.0
2 Apr 95: "I'm busy with school at the moment, but will probably get
back into coding pei 2.0 sometime in May." Sam Tetherow has been
rewriting pei. He has been working on alot of extensions for deities
recently which should be available soon. He hopes to add many new
features which may be found in the "WISH_LIST" file in the package.
The big change from the pei 1.* series to the pei 2.* series will be
the way pei communicates with the socket. The most recent version of
pei may be found at (see "Clients").

Win3 client:
3 Apr 95: "The win3 client is on permanent hold until I get some real time."

MEC1.1.0 Mac Client
31 Mar 95: "no change. slow. real life." Version 1.1.0 will
port many of the features of pei to the macintosh (history
substitution, aliasing, functions, scripting, tools, etc.). But the
true intent of this development project is to eventually create a
client (VMEC) that takes advantage of the macintosh's gaphical nature.

Deity Database:
If you are interested in being the Deity for a game, or you have a
machine on which we could run an Empire game, then please inform Pat
Loney (see "Who's Who").

20 Feb 95: "I'm soon going to be moving on the guide. I suspect release sometime around late March at the pace I am at." Geoff is revising the Empire Users Guide, adding documentation for land units, missions, starv, budget, bestpath, and other features which have been added in the Chainsaw code. He is considering making it "cross-referenced" like a web page. always open to suggestions, and anyone who wants to make comments about what might go into the guide or ideas about it etc is welcome to email him (see "Who's Who?").

If you know of any bugs in Empire or if there are any features you'd
like added to Empire, then please mail them to Ken Huisman (see "Who's Who?") with the word "wish" in the subject line. The criterea for new
features being added to the wish list are:
1) It shall improve the player's experience of the game
2) It shall not be too complex (Empire is complex enough already!)
3) It shall not change the game in any fundamental way

5 Apr 95: "Still on track for going online this weekend. They are
supposed to turn up the T-1 connection from Nashua NH to Boston in the
morning. Then it's just a matter of someone picking up the cable the
telco hands them and plugging it into the nearest router and turning
on my route and DNS." Dave Nye is starting his own company which will
provide net access to his region. Once Empire.Net is online, it will
become the official ftp archive and www site for Empire. He plans to
host Empire games regularly--some of them for cash prizes!

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If the client has an 'x' in the first column, then it is in:
Otherwise, read the description of the client to find out where you can get it.

ksu submitted name                size author             system    lang works?
 x  Jun 23 93 empclient-1.1.tar.Z   20 Dave Pare & company  Unix      C     yes
 x  May 27 94 eif1.0.2.tar.Z       160 Doug Hay             Unix      C     yes
    Dec 15 94 pei.1.6.tar.Z        162 Ken & Sam            Unix      perl  yes
 x  Apr 19 93 xemp5.0.02.tar.Z    1333 Etienne              X-windows C     yes
    Jan 18 94 myxec-0.2.tar.gz     529 Ulrich Drepper       X-Windows C     yes
    Jan 22 95            31 Charles A. McCormick O/S 2     C     yes
    Oct 21 94 genie-0.2.tar.gz      33 Markus Armbruster    Emacs     elisp yes
 x  Apr 27 93 VMS/*                 93 Donald Harper        VMS       C     yes
 x  Apr 19 93 VM_CMS/*              55 Sam Tetherow         VM/CMS    REXX  yes
 x  Nov  2 94            65 Pat Loney            MS Win3   C++   yes
 x  Nov  2 94 MEC_1.0.0.cpt.hqx     23 Ashley A Thomas      Macintosh C     yes

empclient-1.1 - Empire Client
This is the standard bare-bones Unix client.

eif1.0.2 - Empire InterFace
has multiple-game support, command scripting, aliases, history
substitution, access to system files and programs.

pei.1.6 - Perl Empire Interface
is a powerful tool for playing Empire written by Ken Stevens and Sam
Tetherow. There are too many features to list here. Suffice it to say that if you're an experienced Empire player, you'll appreciate all of the sophisticated time-saving tools that are built into pei. Download the latest version from and never reach for your calculator again.

xemp5.0.02 - X Empire
is an X-Windows interface for playing Empire.

myxec-0.2 - My X Empire Client
is a new colour X-Windows Empire client. It is not yet available on the ksu
archive, but you may ftp a copy from:
He will put version 0.3 on the ksu archive when it is ready. Due to a
recent disk-failure, this could take longer than expected.

empos2 - Empire for O/S 2
was written by Matt Piermarini who is a friend of Charles A. McCormick.
At present, I am unable to locate this file. If you have it, then
please contact me. It was called "".

GENIE - GNU Emacs client
Markus Armbruster has released his GNU Emacs Empire client. It has
the basic functionality of emp_client, Emacs comint mode features
(like shell mode), plus a map window, variable and function
substitution. Function substitution remotely resembles shell
functions, but the functions are written in Emacs Lisp, of course.
Predefined functions include one to define ordinary aliases.
The most recent version is available at:
(This description was written by Markus)

VMS client 4.0
is a client for VMS systems.

VM/CMS empclient
is a client for VM/CMS systems.

Win3 Empire Client
is the beta release of a client for MS Windows 3.0 which uses winsock
and tcpip.

MEC_1.0.0.cpt.hqx - Macintosh Empire Client
is a communications tool which provides an interface between the
macintosh user and an empire server. Version 1.0 is a port of the
unix program 'empclient-1.1'. It requires System 7.0 and MacTCP.

To add your client to the KSU archive, send email to Karl S. Hagen
(see "Who's Who?") and he'll tell you what to do.

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By far the best introduction to Empire may be found on the World Wide Web at:

The Empire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is available at:
and in hypertext format:

Another description of what empire is may be found in:

Chainsaw info pages:
The info pages are also available on WWW at:

Users Guide (presently being revised):

If you see a change that needs to be made to the Empire info pages,
then please get a copy of the troff page from http://random/empire/info.t/ make the change yourself, and then mail it to Drake Diedrich (see "Who's Who"). Please, please make our day and decide that you'll be the one to take it upon yourself to rewrite the Empire info system so that it is correct, complete, and easy to use.

Deity Handbook:
Chad Zabel has written a guide to help Deities compile and run the
Empire Server. Here is the table of contents:
1. Getting the source code and compiling the game.
2. Making modifications to the existing code.
3. Seting up a game: world generation, resources, adding countries.
4. Running a game: Deity commands and scripts.
5. Where to Get Help: fixing, debuging, and updating the source code.
You can find the Deity Handbook at:

How to Run a Game:
Before making a game announcement to r.g.e, please get a copy of
"Chidren's doc files" which are available at:
and read the "howto" file contained in them. This file tells you how
to announce and start up a new game.

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If you want to run a game, you can get the source of the old server from
Or, if you'd like to try out the beta version of the new server, then get
Or, you can get revision 9 of the new server at:

If you do not have GNUmake or mkmf on your system, then you will also
need to get
so that you can compile the server. That version of mkmf, however,
won't work on Linux. Linux users will need to get:

Deities are highly encouraged to pick up a copy of "Children's doc
files" and the "Deity Handbook" (see "Documentation").

Server Project Web Page:
The Server Project now has a World Wide Web page thanks to Ken
Huisman, the co-ordinator of the project. Check out:

Server Project Progress:
--- PAST ---
A team of coders has been working to improve the Empire Server.
Dave Pare merged the three main server programs into one monolith
server which uses threaded client-server communications. There are
now no known bugs in the new Server. Ken Huisman beta-released the
new Server and called it "empire 2 beta 0 revision 0" or "empire2b0r0".
Since then, the server has been ported to SunOS 4.x, Linux, Unixware,
and AIX and about 12 of the WISH LIST items have been coded.
--- LAST MONTH ---
Kevin Klemmick's HIDDEN option code and new plane combat code has been integrated into the new server. Thank you Kevin!!!
--- PRESENT ---
The Server Team is currently porting this new server to yet more
platforms, and is continuing to code items on the WISH LIST. The
latest version of the new server available to the public is:
or you can get revision 9 at:
--- NEXT MONTH ---
"Next weekend", Ken Huisman will set up an auto-resetting blitz
to test the new server code. It will always use the most recent
version of the code.
--- FUTURE ---
If all goes well, most of the important items on
the WISH LIST will be addressed within a year and we will have a
vastly improved Empire Server, which will be released as Empire 3.0!

Server Project Mailing List:
The mailing list, a forum of discussion regarding changes to the
server, has been established (with current traffic about 2 mail
messages per month). If, and ONLY IF you are very familiar with the
Empire source code, have experience modifying the Empire source, and
have time to help with the Server project, send mail to with the body content: subscribe

Server Extras:
Linux patches for the Chainsaw server are now available at:

Kevin Klemmick has modified the plane code to generate more readable air combat reports. Deities are encouraged to replace the aircombat.c and mission.c files in chainsaw.3.31.tar.Z with ones found in:

Drake Diedrich has uploaded a diff file containing all the bug-fixes
to Chainsaw 3.31 used in the Riverworld games (mostly changes in the
info files and spelling corrections):

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World Wide Web

Drake Diedrich maintains the official Empire WWW page at: which includes the "harmless guide to empire", up-or-down status of currently running games, the Chainsaw 3.31 info pages (in hypertext format), and reports and mpeg videos of recent Riverworld blitzes.

Drake will only be able to maintain this site for a couple more months
(at which time he will graduate, leave civilization, and takee up llama
breeding in northern Newfoundland. OK, well maybe that last part's
not completely true. He may end up renting out aluminum canoes in
northern Ontario, or possibly, even take up a post-doc in Berkeley,
which would be great for us, but heaven help Berkeley...)

Karl S. Hagen used to maintain an Empire WWW page at: which includes an outdated Empire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), some not-up-to-date back issues of this newsletter, and a WWW interface to the out of date KSU Empire software archives. In case you missed the hint, we need a new archive site. If you can help, please email me.

What's the World Wide Web? See for yourself. To quote Drake
Diedrich, "It's way cool."

You can find the World Wide Web FAQ in:
It is posted frequently to the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.users,
and may be found on the Web at:

You can obtain Lynx, the standard vt100 WWW client, via anonymous ftp to:
Graphic clients are available for most platforms (see the WWW FAQ).

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Who's Who?

In alphabetical order, here is a list of Empire deities and coders:
Name                   Country      Deity of      email
Markus Armbruster
Dan Bennett (retired) Eurasia (Kent State)
Geoff Cashman Mithrilien
Drake Diedrich harmless Riverworld
Ed Down San_Lorenzo British
Ulrich Drepper
Sean Eddy (retired) Mirkwood
Chris Farrel Geravik
Michael Feuell Krikkit (Carnage)
David Fish Imzadi WWII
Monte Freeman Fizban (P.I.N.G)
Jim Gillogly Banzai, POE
Dustin L Graham Dwarven
Karl S. Hagen Greyhelm
Don Harper duckland
Stefan Hauser Rohan
Doug Hay (retired) Aliens
Ken Huisman (UAlberta)
Kevin Klemmick Waffen (Hidden)
Andrew Lasda (Flatland)
Pat Loney Overlord (Nomad)
Charles A. McCormick Tallistan
Dave Nye EvilEmpire (BBN)
Jim Ortlieb CrackHouse (JunkieFest)
Dave "H.D." Pare mr-frog@xcf.Berkeley.EDU
Stephane Perennes (Outremer)
Matt Piermarini(retired) Apisto
Thomas Ruschak The_Scum (Chainsaw)
Chuck Simons (retired) Metzada
Dwight A. Spitzer Ess
Ken Stevens children (Kaiserdome)
Ken Taylor Hades Dr. Pepper
Sam Tetherow(Drazz'zt) Khazad'ur Dwarven
Ashley A Thomas
Keith Thompson Gunjin (Merc)
Rob Watkins (retired) Lersing (Merc)
Damon E. Wilkinson Mantarr
Scott Yelich AO (Santa Fe)
Chad Zabel Rad_Zone (Night Owl)

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This Newsletter

If you have any additions/corrections/changes/feedback to the information in this post, please email me at with "EMPIRE NEWS" in the subject line.

Ken Stevens a.k.a. Buster, ruler of children

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