Command : POWER


[##:##] Command : power [new|update] [<NUM>|country <NATS>]

The power report provides one view of national strengths. It can be particularly helpful in planning defense strategies.

Normally, the last saved power report is shown. and update request a new power report based on up-to-date information. This costs 10 BTUs. The new report is saved for use by future power commands, except when a deity uses update. This lets deities examine up-to-date power reports without affecting what players get to see.

If option AUTO_POWER is enabled, the command doesn't let you save new power reports. Instead, the power report is updated automatically right before the update.

If the optional NUM argument is given, only the top NUM entries in the power chart will be displayed. Note that for deities, if you give a negative number, only the top NUM entries in the power chart will be displayed, and the power number rating will not be displayed.

If the optional country argument is given, then the information is given for those particular countries.

In the power report the countries are listed in order of decreasing power factor. Powerless countries are not shown unless explicitly requested with the country argument.

The power report shows the following columns:


number of sectors


average sector efficiency


number of civilians


number of military


number of shells


number of guns


amount of petrol


amount of iron


amount of dust


amount of oil


number of planes


number of ships


number of land units


cash on hand

The power factor is determined by the following equation:

power factor = for each land unit calculate and add the following
                ((((land unit lcm cost / 10) * (land unit effic / 100)) +
                  ((land unit hcm cost / 10) * (land unit effic / 100))) * 2)
power factor += for each ship calculate and add the following:
                ((((ship lcm cost / 10) * (ship effic / 100)) +
                  ((ship hcm cost / 10) * (ship effic / 100))) * 2)
power factor += for each plane calculate and add the following:
                (20 * (plane effic / 100) * (nation tech level / 500))
power factor += ((nation money / 100) + (petrol / 500) +
                 ((civilians + military) / 10) + (shells / 12.5) +
                 (iron / 100) + (dust / 5) + (oil / 10) + bars +
                 (guns / 2.5) + (lcms / 10) + (hcms / 5))
power factor += ((number of sectors * (average sector effic / 100)) * 10)
power factor = ((power factor) * (nation tech level / 500))
power factor = ((power factor) * (research factor))

The research factor is either 1, if RES_POP is not being used, or 1+(max pop in a sector)/10000, if it is being used.

See also : census , nation , Communication , Nations , Diplomacy