Command : ANNOUNCE


[##:##] Command : announce

The announce command is a variant of the telegram command. It sends your message to \*(fIall\*(fP of the players in the game. This convenient service may cost money to provide, depending on your deity.

For example:
[##:##] Command : announce

Enter telegram for everybody
undo last line with ~u, print with ~p, abort with ~q, end with .
1024 left: 
1023 left:               For Immediate Release
 987 left:                     from
 962 left:                 Groonland Embassy
 928 left: 
 927 left: 
 926 left: HELP!  Curmudgeon just TRASHED our capital!  We had even proposed
 860 left: a very fair treaty, but they did it anyway!  People of the World,
 794 left: UNITE!  Overthrow the slave masters of Curmudgeon!
 744 left: .
JoeBlowLand is rejecting your announcements
ZappaLand is rejecting your announcements

Note that announcements can be rejected. See info reject for more information.

See also : pray , wire , telegram , read , reject , Communication