Command : WIRE


[##:##] Command : wire [yes|no|<days>]

The wire command is used to read the announcements sent you by other countries. After reading all your announcements you may mark them as being read by specifying yes or not by specifying no as an argument. If an argument is not supplied then you will be prompted to either answer yes or no to marking announcements as being read. If you supply or answer no, the announcements will remain pending but you will not be reminded of them. You can read announcements that you have previously marked as read by specifying the <days> argument. For example:
[##:##] Command : wire 3

would print the announcements from the last three days. If you specify <days> argument, you will not be prompted to mark the announcements as being read.

In order to read telegrams, use the 'read' command.

See also : telegram , read , accept , reject , Communication