Command : READ


[##:##] Command : read [yes|no|<CNUM/CNAME>]

The read command is used to read the telegrams sent you by other countries and by the game, (e.g. when you make a sale or are attacked). After reading all your telegrams you may delete them by specifying yes or not by specifying no as an argument. If an argument is not supplied then you will be prompted to either answer yes or no to delete the telegrams. If you supply or answer no, the telegrams will remain pending but you will not be reminded of them. Deities can specify a <CNUM/CNAME> argument which selects a country's telegrams to read. If the <CNUM/CNAME> argument is supplied, the telegrams can not be deleted. When telegrams arrive you are informed with:

You have a new telegram waiting ...   if there is just one new one, or
You have ten new telegrams waiting ...   if there are ten of them, or
You have several new telegrams waiting ...   if there are very many.

This command reads only telegrams & bulletins, use the 'wire' command to read announcements.

See also : toggle , telegram , wire , flash , accept , reject , Communication