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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

Wolfpack Fever games are a peculiar hybrid of blitz and long term game. Like blitzes, they're informal, and reset periodically. But they're paced like fast-moving long term games.

A well-run thematic game is of course a much more satisfying experience, but when none is available, you can still enjoy a Wolfpack Fever.

At this time, no registration is required. Grab a country and go.

Wolfpack Fever games run year-round, back-to-back. The current plan is to run them as follows:

Month Game Update at
Jan+Feb Common Winter Fever 18:00 UTC
Mar Hvy Spring Fever 00:00 UTC
Apr+May Common Spring Fever 00:00 UTC
Jun Hvy Summer Fever 06:00 UTC
Jul+Aug Common Summer Fever 06:00 UTC
Sep Hvy Fall Fever 12:00 UTC
Oct+Nov Common Fall Fever 12:00 UTC
Dec Hvy Winter Fever 18:00 UTC

Common Fevers use standard rules and run for two months.

Hvy Fevers use simplified Hvy Metal rules with a shotgun start, and run for one month.

Deviations from this plan are likely, but Fever games will only start at the beginning of a month. To check for a Fever starting up, log in as country visitor (any password) and read the MOTD. Your client should display it automatically; if it doesn't, use command motd.

Port 4567
Updates daily, starting on the 5th
Countries 1-8 with passwords 1-8

Breaking sanctuary constitutes a promise to play the game. Using more than one country is strictly prohibited.