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October 16, 1994

In This Edition

What's New

o The new game "Dwarven Chowder II" run by Dustin Graham and Samuel Tetherow has started up (see "Long Term Games").

o The new game "UAlberta Nukefest" run by Ken Huisman and Bob Beck
has started up (see "Long Term Games").

o The name "Redline" was added to the EMPIRE NEWS Hall of Fame this month as the winner of the "UAlberta Open" game (see "Long Term Games").

o The game "Outremer" has ended with no winner (see "Long Term Games").

o Some new names were added to the EMPIRE NEWS Hall of Fame for
previous games (see "Hall of Fame").

o Two new coders have announced that they are planning to write
clients for the PC and Macintosh (see "Current Projects").

o Ken Huisman has taken over the job of maintaining the Empire WISH LIST (see "Current Projects").

o Ken Stevens and Sam Tetherow have released pei.1.2.4, with some great new features (see "Clients").

o The server team is waiting for coders to fix two bugs in the new server
(see "Server") so that they can start coding the WISH LIST.

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New games starting up

The two games that were announced this month have already started up.

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Long term games

These are the long term games currently being run:

game name       host                     port  country password  started
PP Romulus      1617  Visitor Visitor   16 Aug 94
PP Remus      3000  Visitor Visitor   16 Aug 94
ARCTIC BLAST     13715  Visitor visitor   12 Sep 94
Hidden III    1617                    12 Sep 94
Dwarven Chow II     7777  Visitor visitor    4 Oct 94
UAlberta Nuke 1617  Visitor Visitor   11 Oct 94
game name           deity              updates:  frequency  ETU's   time
PP Romulus 1/3 days   60     00:00 EDT
PP Remus   1/3 days   60     00:00 EDT
ARCTIC BLAST             1/2 days   60     23:30 EDT
Hidden III 3/week     60     18:00 EDT
Dwarven Chow II           1/day      48     22:00 EDT
UAlberta Nuke    1/day      48     22:00 EDT

The famous "French Empire" didn't end with a bang, but with a whimper. The "administration" pulled the plug on the host machine and that was that. The weeks preceeding this "arret-de-jour" were plagued with unreplaced countries and unplayable net lag ("pas-des-packets"). But keep your eyes peeled for the next "French Connection" which will be announced as soon as a host is found.

"UAlberta Open"
The UAlberta Open game has come to a conclusion, and Redline has been
declared the winner. Park Place was second place, and Khazad'ur was
third. It was a well-played game by Redline, who led right from the
start. No other player could keep up with his relentless pace of
capturing new territories. Park Place and Khazad'ur also played very
well. Two names to look out for in the future are BigFish and Raupo,
who, against overwhelming odds, valiantly fought on to save their
countries ( both against Redline ). Neither were successful, but they
deserved some mention since they both didn't just roll over and play
dead when they were attacked.

To quote from the movie JFK, "Nobody _knows_ who killed the
PuddlePlanet, it's a mmmmystery!"

One day as we were all happilly killing one another, CrackHouse
announced that due to some "unforseeable circumstances" the game would have to stop that evening, and he may be loosing his account. Within an hour, a new host was found and the data files were quickly
transferred over to their new home. CrackHouse began working very hard trying to compile an Empire server on this new host. At one point, he posted an announcement asking for the man page for the system call
"waitpid" which I dutifully sent him in a telegram. Then suddenly, about four days ago, he disappeared. No-one has heard from him since. The game is still up on the old host with updates disabled but tempers are becoming quite enabled.

Here is a description of what this game was until it suddenly froze.
There are two planets Remus and Romulus. Players began with small
start islands with limited resources separated by 12 sectors of sea.
Updates of the two games are staggered. It was planned that the games
would run until 15 December at which time the top 20 countries (by
power chart rating) would be taken from both games and thrown into a
new 128x128 world with larger start islands.

Here are the top four countries of the tournament:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
 Manifold  40   97%  26K 950  300   35    0  4.5K 450  2.4K   0   10   2  1.2K
 Tanelorn  50   96%  29K 850  250   40    0  4.8K 1.0K 2.1K   0   10  20  5.0K
   Sardar  65   75%  28K 1.1K 200   20    0  9.2K 3.2K 850    0   10   6  5.0K
    LV426  85   58%  28K 750  300   35    0  7.6K 850  900    0   30  10  5.0K

Manifold and Sardar are on Romulus, and Tanelorn and LV426 are on Remus.

The connection problems to ARCTIC BLAST have been fixed and the game is moving along well. Arctic Blast is being played on a 160x80 world, with 40 sectors start islands and lots of sprinkle islands. Here are
the top four countries:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
      AUJ 135   81%  63K 2.2K 275   50    0  8.7K 7.5K 4.7K   0   20   20   20K
  Arrakis 105   70%  39K 1.1K 325   35    0  6.8K 2.8K 650    0   10   10   40K
  BigFish  65   95%  40K 500  300   30  100  5.0K 3.9K 900    0    9    2  1.9K
FortWhoop 110   74%  41K 950  275   20  700  9.3K 5.2K 2.2K   0   20    7  5.0K

Hidden III
is played on 140x100 medium resources world with 26 sector start
islands. Other countries are "hidden" from you in the sense that:
Power: Will only display your country's power.
Report: Will only report on contacted countries, and no status.
Relat: Will only display contacted countries.
News: Will only show news about contacted countries.
Accep: Will only display contacted countries.
Tele: Only allowed with contacted and deity countries.
Hidden III has the following "non-standard" parameters:
- Ships gain a max of 60% eff per update.
- Civs suffer higher damage from shelling, etc.
- Mob used in an attack is: 10 (normally 5)
- Research must be 50% of tech for nukes.
- Mob costs to place units on a mission is: 32
- Tech is lag base 2.55, with 1 easy tech.
- Tech bleed is higher than normal.
- War declaration costs: $100, not $1000. (sneak attacks are still $5000)

"Dwarven Chowder II"
a.k.a. "The Archipelago" is a medium sized world with little water.
35 sector start islands with 25 sectors free land each. The entire
world is bridgeable. The game will go down on Wednesday November 23rd for Thanksgiving (a US holiday) at 0000 and will come back up on
Sunday November 27th at 24:00EDT. If the game runs long enough it will
go down again on Wednesday December 21st at 00:00EDT for Christmas and will come back up one week later on Wednesday December 28th at 00:00EDT.

In case of a failed update, notification will be given within 30
minutes concerning the forcing of an update. There can be, at a
maximum, two winning countries. This game has no nuclear weapons,
tech bleed is log base 2.55 (slow tech), and tech bleed is unbiased to
everyone. Here are the top four countries:

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
    Xylum 115   35%  17K 450   25    5    0  1.1K 650  150    0    8    3   10K
Shockwave  80   45%  15K 500   25    3    0  1.4K 1.1K 100    0    5    6  3.4K
     beep 125   42%  17K 650   21    4    0  2.8K 550  450    0    7    7  4.8K
    Raupo  90   44%  16K 150   50    5    0  1.9K 1.4K 700    0    3    0  5.0K
"UAlberta NUKEFEST" just started on a 128x128 world. All countries began at tech 190 with the first nuke available at tech 235 and the first "good" nuke at tech 300 (there will be some very large nukes in this game). Start islands were 80 sectors (so you wouldn't get taken completely out by a single 100mt blast) using the Riverworld setup (see "Blitzes"). Every country started with $100K. Continents are 6 sectors apart (i.e. not bridgeable). The game is played with the MAD option (auto nuke retaliation).

If you want to receive mail regarding new games starting up, send mail
to with the subject line "subscribe".

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Hall of Fame

I'd like this list to be as comprehensive as possible. Please send
me email with "EMPIRE NEWS" in the subject line informing me of the
winners of any past games that you know of. Please use the following
format for your submissions:

Game                  Started Ended       Winner(s)
UAlberta Invitat'l I  ----fall 1992---- Graahoeje
UAlberta Spring       ---Spring 1993--- Revelstone
Unnamed               ---spring 1993--- Sioux
UAlberta Invitat'l II ----Fall 1993---- Revelstone
Junkiefest II         Apr 94  30 May 94 BLT
Hidden II             Jan 94  30 May 94 Menace_2_Society (Lothlorien)
                                        Mr. X (Mantarr & duckland)
Riverworld            Nov 93  23 Jul 94 Mirkwood
JunkieFest IV      17 Jun 94   8 Aug 94 Darkland
Dwarven Chowder I  17 Jun 94   8 Aug 94 LV426
                                        Pepsi (Mithrilien & CrackHouse)
                                        Fodderland (Krikkit,Mantarr & duckland)
Smorgasboard       22 May 94   8 Aug 94 LV426
European Empire VI 19 Jul 94  30 Aug 94 Arkhangel (Temekula)
                                        Paris (Lothlorien)
UAlberta Open       7 Aug 94  22 Sep 94 Redline

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These blitzes reset every day:

Name         host                port  coun pass   updates  resets
Riverworld 1618  1-10 1-10   10 min   20:00 EDT
Levante    3000  1-15 1-15   10 min   03:30 EDT

The first update is at 20:30 EDT. To give late-starters a better chance, Drake has changed the start configuration of this game somewhat--you begin with 30 sanctuaries, each containing 550 civs. You can login to the Riverworld blitz as a visitor using either "Visitor/Visitor" or "visitor/visitor". One neat thing about the Riverworld blitz is that every night, the game gets videotaped, and the next day you can download a video of the game (see "World Wide Web" for more details). This game now has HUGE nuclear weapons with bleed to sanctuary nations enabled, so if you connect in the afternoon, you should be able to try out the big nuke toys.

The Levante blitz runs modified code which decays commodities every update.

If you want to receive mail regarding new blitzes starting up, send mail
to with the subject line subscribe".

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Current Projects

These are the projects that Empire coders are currently working on:

project                           coder                language
Mac Client                        Ashley A Thomas       C      
PC Client                         Jamie Baswell         C
pei 2.0                           Ken & Sam             perl   
Win3 client                       Pat Loney             C      
Users.Guide                       Geoff Cashman                
WISH LIST                         Ken Huisman                  
Mac Client
Ashley Thomas is writing an empire client for the Macintosh. He has a pre-release version (v0.1) available if anybody would like to try it. It requires MacTCP and a connection to the Internet (it doesn't dial itself). It doesn't have menus or text editing, and as Mac programs go, it's ugly. But if you want to play empire without a unix account it'll do the job. If you'd like to try it, send him email (see "Who's who") and he'll send you a copy (about 15K). He's looking for beta-testers. v1.0 will be a real event-aware macintosh program. It will have menus and a text window that mimics the empclient-1.1 version of the basic unix client. That will be the first version he submits to ksu. After that he plans to add aliasing, macros, and tools.

PC Client
Don't have any info on this other than Jamie Baswell announced to
r.g.e that he's planning on writing an Empire client for the PC.

pei 2.0
Ken Stevens and Sam Tetherow are working together to improve pei. Sam has been working on alot of extensions for deities recently which
should be available soon. They hope to add many new features which
may be found in the "WISH_LIST" file in the package. The big change
from the pei 1.* series to the pei 2.* series will be the way pei
communicates with the socket. The most recent version of pei is
always available on in /pub/incoming (see "Clients" for
more info on the current version of pei).

Win3 client:
Pat Loney is writing a Win3 client using winsock and tcpip. He is
still looking for someone with win3 programming expertise to help him
finish the project.

If you know of any bugs in Empire or if there are any features you'd
like added to Empire, then please mail them to Ken Huisman (see "Who's
Who?) with the word "wish" in the subject line. The criterea for
new features being added to the wish list are:
1) It shall improve the player's experience
2) It shall not be complex
3) It shall not change the game in any fundamental way

Geoff Cashman is revising the Users.Guide, adding documentation for
land units, missions, starv, budget, bestpath, and other features
which have been added in the Chainsaw code.

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Clients are available via anonymous ftp to in the
directory /pub/Games/Empire/clients.

submitted    name                size author             system     lang works?
Jun 23  1993 empclient-1.1.tar.Z   20 Dave Pare & company  Unix      C     yes
May 27  1994 eif1.0.2.tar.Z       160 Doug Hay             Unix      C     yes
Oct 16  1994 pei.1.2.4.tar.Z      133 Ken & Sam            Unix      perl  yes
May 12  1994                56 Drake Diedrich       Unix      perl  yes
May 12  1994            14 Sam Tetherow & comp  Unix      perl  yes
Apr 19  1993 xemp5.0.02.tar.Z    1333 Etienne              X-windows C     yes
(not on ksu) myxec-0.2.tar.gz     529 Ulrich Drepper       X-Windows C     yes
(not on ksu) GENIE                ??? Markus Armbruster    Emacs     elisp yes
Apr 19  1993 emp_mux.tar.Z         12 Alan M. Levi         Unix      C     ???
Apr 27  1993 VMS/*                 93 Donald Harper        VMS       C     yes
Apr 19  1993 VM_CMS/*              55 Sam Tetherow         VM/CMS    REXX  yes
Apr 19  1993 client2.0.tar.Z       13 Dave Pare & company  Unix      C     ???
Aug 16  1994 baseemp.tar.Z          7 Sam Tetherow         IBM PC    C     no

To add your client to the archive, send email to Karl S. Hagen (see
"Who's Who?") and he'll tell you what to do.

empclient-1.1 - Empire Client
This is the standard bare-bones Unix client.

eif1.0.2 - Empire InterFace
has multiple-game support, command scripting, aliases, history
substitution, access to system files and programs. Recent bugfixes by
Jim Gillogly (fixed the "kill" command) and Ken Stevens (fixed
highlighting for the "sect" command) are included in version 1.0.2.

pei.1.2.4 - Perl Empire Interface
is a powerful tool for playing Empire written by Ken Stevens and Sam
Tetherow. There are too many features to list here. Suffice it to
say that if you're an experienced Empire player, you'll appreciate all of
the sophisticated time-saving tools that are built into it. Download
the latest version from in pub/incoming and never reach
for your calculator again.

hpc - Harmless Perl Client
is the bare-bones perl client upon which pei was based.

pec.2.0 - Perl Empire Client
by Sean "Elven King" Eddy, Michael "the Elf" Feuell, and Sam
"Drazz'zt" Tetherow. It is a perl client with functionality somewhere
between hpc and pei.

xemp5.0.02 - X Empire
is an X-Windows interface for playing Empire.

myxec-0.2 - My X Empire Client
is a new colour X-Windows Empire client. It is not yet available on the ksu
archive, but you may ftp a copy from:
He will put version 0.3 on the ksu archive when it is ready. Due to a
recent disk-failure, this could take longer than expected.

GENIE - GNU Emacs client
Markus Armbruster has released his GNU Emacs Empire client. It has
the basic functionality of emp_client, Emacs comint mode features
(like shell mode), plus a map window, variable and function
substitution. Function substitution remotely resembles shell
functions, but the functions are written in Emacs Lisp, of course.
Predefined functions include one to define ordinary aliases.
The most recent version is available at:*
(This description was written by Markus)

is a client "multiplexer" to allow two people to connect to the same
country at the same time.

VMS client 4.0
is a client for VMS systems.

VM/CMS empclient
is a client for VM/CMS systems.

is a modification of the standard client for "BSD Empire" (a version
of the server no longer supported).

is a bare-bones client for the IBM PC which coders can use as a base
for writing their own clients.

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Empire documentation is available at

Empire FAQ:

Empire Description:

Chainsaw info pages:
The info pages are also available on WWW at:

Users Guide (presently being revised)

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If you want to run a game, you can get the source for the server from /pub/Games/Empire/source/chainsaw.3.31.tar.Z
If you do not have GNUmake or mkmf on your system, then you will also
need to get /pub/Games/Empire/tools/Deity/emptools.tar.Z so that you can compile the server.

Please mail Ken Stevens for his "How to Run a Game" document before
making a game announcement to r.g.e (this document will be included in the next release of the Empire Server code.)

Kevin Klemmick has modified the plane code to generate more readable air combat reports. Deities are encouraged to replace the aircombat.c and mission.c files in chainsaw.3.31.tar.Z with ones found in:

Drake Diedrich has uploaded a diff file containing all the bug-fixes
to Chainsaw 3.31 used in the Riverworld games (mostly changes in the
info files and spelling corrections): pub/Games/Empire/source/diff.cs.river.Z

Server Project
A team of coders has been working on improving the Empire Server.
Dave Pare merged the three main server programs into one monolith
server and has been working on ironing the bugs out of it so that the
rest of the members of the team can begin coding the items on the WISH
LIST. The most recent two bugs in the new server are that dump stops
half way through for large countries and there seems to be some
problems with ships.

Server Mailing List:
The mailing list, a forum of discussion regarding changes to the
server, has been established (with current traffic about 2 mail
messages per month). If, and ONLY IF you are very familiar with the
Empire source code, have experience modifying the Empire source, and
have time to help with the Server project, send mail to with the body content: subscribe

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World Wide Web

Karl S. Hagen maintains an Empire WWW page at: which includes the Empire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), back issues of this newsletter, and a WWW interface to the KSU Empire software archives.

Drake Diedrich maintains an Empire WWW page at: which includes the up-or-down status of currently running games, the Chainsaw 3.31 info pages (in hypertext format), and reports and mpeg videos of recent Riverworld blitzes.

What's the World Wide Web? See for yourself. To quote Drake Diedrich, "It is way cool." If you have emacs, then you can connect to the World Wide Web using "w3". Just ftp the following two elisp packages and install them:

diredall.tar.Z available at ftp.thp.Uni-Koeln.DE /pub/gnu/emacs
w3.tar.gz available at /pub/elisp/w3

Other ftp locations for WWW browsers:

There are also more graphical WWW clients available (e.g. X-windows),
but I don't know where they are--once you get into WWW with the emacs client, you should be able to find them.

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Who's Who?

In alphabetical order, here is a list of Deities and Empire coders:
Name                   Country      Deity of      email
Markus Armbruster                       
Jamie Baswell                           
Dan Bennett (retired)  Eurasia      (Kent State)
Geoff Cashman          Mithrilien      
Drake Diedrich         harmless     Riverworld
Ulrich Drepper                          
Sean Eddy (retired)    Mirkwood         
Chris Farrel           Geravik          
Michael Feuell         Krikkit      (Carnage)
David Fish             Imzadi       ARCTIC BLAST
Monte Freeman          Fizban       (P.I.N.G)
Jim Gillogly           Banzai, POE
Dustin L Graham                     Dwarven
Karl S. Hagen          Greyhelm         
Don Harper             Duckland
Stefan Hauser          Rohan            
Doug Hay (retired)     Aliens
Ken Huisman                         UAlberta
Kevin Klemmick         Waffen       Hidden
Andrew Lasda                        (Flatland)
Pat Loney              Overlord     (European)
Dave Nye               EvilEmpire   (BBN)
Jim Ortlieb            CrackHouse   PuddlePlanet
Dave "H.D." Pare                                  mr-frog@xcf.Berkeley.EDU
Stephane Perennes                   (Outremer)
Thomas Ruschak         The_Scum     (Chainsaw)
Chuck Simons (retired) Metzada          
Ken Stevens            children     (Kaiserdome)
Sam Tetherow(Drazz'zt) Khazad'ur    Dwarven
Ashley A Thomas                         
Damon E. Wilkinson     Mantarr          
Scott Yelich           AO           (Santa Fe)
Chad Zabel             Rad_Zone     (BloodBowl)

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This Newsletter

If you have any additions/corrections/changes/feedback to the information in this post, please email me at with "EMPIRE NEWS" in the subject line.

Ken Stevens a.k.a. Buster, ruler of children

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