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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

This may be the first ever issue of the Empire News

"All the news that fits, we print."
May 9, 1994

In This Edition


New games starting up

There is a no sea, no mountains, 100% resources long term game
starting sometime in the next few weeks. Send your country name and
password to:

"Hidden 3"
Waffen will run a third hidden game sometime early in the fall. He is
presently looking for a machine to run it on. If you have a machine
that he'd be able to use, then please email him at:

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This blitz resets every day:

Name host port coun pass updates resets
Riverworld 1618 1-10 1-10 10 min 7:30pm EST

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Current long term games

These are the long term games currently being run:

Name         host                port  country  password   updates  started
Riverworld   1617  visitor  visitor    1/4 days Nov 93
Hidden       1617                      1/day    Jan 94
Alderaan   1617                      1/day    Feb 94
Junkiefest 2 1617  Visitor  Visitor    1/day    Apr 94

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Clients are available via anonymous ftp to in the
directory /pub/Games/Empire/clients.

system    location                                        works?
Unix      /pub/Games/Empire/clients/empclient-1.1.tar.Z   yes
          /pub/Games/Empire/clients/eif1.0.1.tar.Z        yes
X-windows /pub/Games/Empire/clients/xemp5.0.02.tar.Z      not sure
VMS       /pub/Games/Empire/clients/VMS                   yes
VM_CMS    /pub/Games/Empire/clients/VM_CMS                not sure

You can also get a perl client for unix by connecting to the blitz and typing "info" and "info".

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Here are some docs from
Chainsaw info pages:
Empire FAQ (a bit out of date):
Users Guide (3 years out of date--currently being revised):

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Server Code

If you want to run a game, you can get the source for the server from
Thomas Ruschak, the author of the most recent version of empire
(called "chainsaw"), expects to finish fixing the last of the bugs in
the Chainsaw code and release it as "Empire 2.0" sometime this summer
or next fall.

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Player tools are available via anonymous ftp to in the
directory /pub/Games/Empire/tools/Player:

Most of the tools are outdated and no longer work. This is a list of
the tools in the ksu archive:

submitted    name               works?
Sep  2  1992 EddyTools.tar.Z    no
Sep  2  1992 GEET-2d.tar.Z      no
Sep  2  1992 autofeed.tar.Z     no
May 12  1994        yes
Sep  2  1992 cmc-tools.tar.Z    no
Dec 18  1991 ewall.tar.Z        obsolete
Sep  2  1992           yes
Sep  2  1992      yes
Dec 18  1991 rdist.tar.Z        ???
Apr  9  1993 ve.tar.Z           currently being fixed

To add your tools to the archive, send email to
and he'll tell you what to do.

Here is a summary of the tools that work: contains 7 tools including a civ mover, production delta
program, spy info database, and a mail-like interface for reading telegrams. a postscript program for printing hex paper.

ve.tar.Z "visual empire" -- a cursers interface to viewing your
country. Mr.X is currently fixing it.

These are the tools that either do not work, or are obsolete:

EddyTools.tar.Z contains 3 tools. "distributer" and "civmover" are
out of date and do not work, but "accountant" (calculates production
deltas) still works.

GEET-2d.tar.Z An emacs "robot" client that doesn't work.

autofeed.tar.Z is out of date and does not work.

cmc-tools.tar.Z was a fantastic civ-moving tool and I wish someone
would fix it. What was so great about it was the way you could set
civ-moving prioritites in a configuration file. It has 4 tools,
"pmvr", "mmvr", "umvr" (for moving civs, mil, and uw's) and a "dist"
tool for setting dist paths (now obsolete).

ewall.tar.Z is a tool for sending telegrams to multiple recipients
(now obsolete).

rdist.tar.Z What the heck is this? There's no documentation.

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If you have any additions/corrections/changes to the information in
this post, please email me at

Buster, ruler of children


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