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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

"All the news that fits, we print."
January, 1997
Vol. 4, No. 1

In This Edition

What's New

New Binaries for Standard Empire Client Added
The Wolfpack Server Team added binaries for 6 more platforms.

The January Issue of Break
Doug Pitters' web-based Empire Magazine touched off some arguments.

Empire Wolfpack Server updated to 4.0.6
Dump commands were improved, along with some game-play issues.

Current Games
Two new long term games started up this month.

Renaissance Empire
was won by Partlyland and Solvind.

Bayou 3
was won by Red Dog, Metaxis and Luxuria.

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New Games Starting Up

No New Games Accounced
No new long-term games have been announced.

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Current Games

Current Long-Term Games (
Lothlorien's Newbie game and Exorcism began since the last Empire News.

Current Blitzes (
For the most up-to-date information on available blitzes, see the Empire
page above. Here are the three blitzes confirmed operational at press

Blitz Name  Host                      Port Comments
Vampire              6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.6 
            (                 Resets 6:00 am EST
Cheetah                6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.6
            (                Resets 6:00 pm EST
Howitzer                7778 Last 3.1 server developments.

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Clients and Player Tools

More Empire Client Binaries Available
Empclient 2.6 is the basic client released by the Wolfpack Server Team.
Source, as well as binaries for several platforms, is available from the
Wolfpack Home Page (

A New Episode in the Break Saga
The January addition of Suboceania's Empire Magazine can be found at Break ( The Saint tackles the sticky issue of the next generation of empire clients.

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Server and Deity Information

Wolfpack Server Release 4.0.6
The as-yet unnamed members of the Wolfpack Empire Server Team made available a new release, available from the Wolfpack Server Home Page at ( Inquiries, bug-reports and comments can also be sent to "". For a complete run-down of changes from the 3.x generation server, connect to one of the blitzes ( and enter "info Empire4". Or, point your browser to the wolfpack Change Log (

How to Run a Game
( Before making a game announcement to, please read and heed this document.

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This month's winners

Renaissance Empire
was won by Partlyland and Solvind. Yet another hacker-interrupted game,
this was the first long-term game running the Wolfpack Server.

         sects  eff civ  mil  shell gun pet  iron dust oil  pln ship unit money
Partyland 816   92% 663K  20K 4.2K 448  6.3K 223K  15K  34K 374   69  309  363K
  Solvind 811   89% 653K  27K 6.6K 839   17K 131K  19K  30K 326  100  449   61K
Empiroman 400   98% 368K  23K 4.6K 437  7.3K  70K 8.9K  18K 132   62  243  131K
SlobManor 409   92% 318K  20K 3.0K 698  5.4K 120K  18K  25K  66  118  143  326K
 #    name            tech      research   education   happiness cap-location
 14    Empiromania      220.60      0.00       46.12      20.89  -34,6
 29    Partyland        228.01      0.00       37.84      22.54  2,-42
 33    SlobManor        216.89      0.00       36.79       0.06  -7,21
 34    Solvind          197.27      0.00       29.25      19.92  -52,-10

Bayou 3
was won by Red Dog, Metaxis and Luxuria. No deity-provided power chart is available.

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This Newsletter

Mark Ballinger is responsible for the Empire News and the Empire FAQ. If you have suggestions, corrections or announcements, please email me at

Mark Ballinger (Uesugi)

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