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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

"All the news that fits, we print."
August, 1996
Vol. 3, No. 8

In This Edition

What's New

Empire Toolkit 0.1.1
Chris Byrd finished up the toolkit.

Xemp 5.2e
Julian Onions has included CSYNC functions in this alpha release.

Empire Server 3.1.24
The experimental server has some small changes, and the latest toolkit.

British Blitz Server Has Relocated
Ed Down's British Blitz has been assigned a new IP address.

Current Games
Two new long term games started up this month.

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New Games Starting Up

No new games are accepting players.

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Current Games

Current Long-Term Games (
Two new games have started since the last Empire News: British V and Mini Empire. Generic Empire continues.

Current Blitzes (
For the most up-to-date information on available blitzes, see the Empire
page above. By popular demand, here are the three blitzes confirmed
operational at press time:

Blitz Name  Host                      Port Comments
Howitzer                7778 Latest server developments.
UAlberta  7777 Pretty vacant.  Good for 
            (               beginners.
British       7777 Food is on.  New distribution 
            (                  scheme.

British Blitz changes
The British Blitz and Long Term Games' server has moved to a new IP
address. Please continue to connect to, but at

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Clients and Player Tools

XEmp 5.2e alpha Released by Julian Onions
A new release of the Empire Client for X-Windows supports the CSYNC
protocol. It is currently an alpha, and the author is requesting reports
of reproducable bugs. Look for this release at Empire Net

Empire Toolkit 0.1.1
Chris Byrd finished up the Empire Toolkit, version 0.1.1, available from
the Empire FTP Archives (
Those interested should also read the newly revised C_SYNC RFC

Client Discussion Mailing List.
Subscribe to the discussion list focusing on client development by sending
mail to with "subscribe" in the message body. Approval for inclusion takes place before you receive any mail. Catch up on archived messages by visiting the Planet Empire Archives, under Client Discussion (

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Server and Deity Information

Empire Server 3.1.24 Released
The experimental server has had the "torp" command reinstated, along with some artillery routine changes.

The Empire 3 Server
If you'd like to try running the new server
(, it is available on
PEA. The latest release is 3.0.21. Patches to the server can be downloaded from the patch directory (
The experimental (
server is also available. It contains a few changes and is now at release 3.1.24.

For an up to date list of the changes in the new server, connect to
the Howitzer Blitz ( and type
"info Empire3".

Empire Server Discussion Mailing List
The mailing list, a forum of discussion regarding changes to the server,
has been established. If you have time to help with the server project, or
would like to participate in the on-going plans, send mail to with "subscribe" in the message body. There is an approval process, so any useful information about your interest in the discussion helps.

Empire Server Announcement List
To receive notification of new server changes and periodic postings of
change proposals, send mail to with the line:
"subscribe empire-announce" in the body of the message.

Empire Discussion List
A more general mailing list is available to all coders, good players, and
especially deities. Subscribe to this list to keep abreast of all coding
changes by sending mail to with "subscribe" in the message body.

Empire List Digest
To subscribe to a digest, send mail to, and include in the body: "subscribe empire-list-digest".

How to Run a Game
( Before making a game announcement to, please read and heed this document.

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This month's winners

No win reports for this month!

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This Newsletter

Mark Ballinger is responsible for the Empire News and the Empire FAQ. If you have suggestions, corrections or announcements, please email me at

Mark Ballinger (Uesugi)

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