Command : PSTAT


[##:##] Command : pstat [<PLANE> | <SECTS>]

The pstat command is a report of the varying statistics of your planes and lists the info in a readable format. Since your planes' statistics vary by tech level, this is a very useful way to see what the attack, defense, etc. modifiers are on a per-plane basis.

The <PLANE> and <SECTS> arguments are provided in case you only wish to look at one plane or all planes within a given area.

pstat expects some argument. To see all planes, use the argument '*', or enter "pstat *".
[##:##] Command : pstat *

pln# plane-type                x,y    eff  tech att def acc ran load fuel
   0 f2  P-51 Mustang          1,-1   100%  110   5   5  72  11    1    1
   1 f2  P-51 Mustang          1,-1   100%  110   5   5  72  11    1    1
   3 lb  TBD-1 Devastator      1,-1   100%  120   0   4  45  11    2    1
3 planes

The report format contains the following fields:


the plane number


the type of plane; fighter 1, jet hvy bomber, etc,


the plane's current location (relative to your capital),


the plane's efficiency,


the tech level at which it was created,


the attack value of the plane (for air-to-air combat)


the defensive value of the plane (for air-to-air combat)


the accuracy of the plane (for bombing)


and the range (in sectors) it can fly on a given mission.


the carrying capacity of the plane


the amount of fuel the plane takes per flight

See also : plane , upgrade , arm , bomb , build , drop , fly , launch , paradrop , recon , satellite , scrap , wingadd , Planes