Command : ARM


[##:##] Command : arm <PLANE> <NUKE> <airburst?>

The arm command loads nuclear devices aboard delivery systems such as planes or missiles.

No nuclear weapons can be delivered unless they are first loaded aboard delivery vehicles. However, until they are residing in a plane or missile, they are considered invulnerable to attack (buried inside of mountains), and cannot be used by any potential conqueror (they don't know the fail-safe codes).

You decide whether the warhead will air-burst or ground-burst at the time you arm it. If you'd like to change air-burst/ground-burst later on, just arm the plane/missile again (in this case, the second argument will be ignored). You can see whether a nuke will air- or ground-burst using the "plane" command.

See also : disarm , plane , build , transport , launch , Damage , Planes , Nukes , Moving