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How To Run a Game

Once you have successfully compiled and run the Empire source code on your machine and are interested in running an Empire game, here are some steps (rough guidelines) you can follow.

Announce to the Usenet newsgroup and have it put on the 'new games' page (send e-mail to Wolfpack) the following information:

An easy way of providing most of this information is to just supply a copy of the output from the 'version' command.

An example of information you might like to know about a player would be:

During the signup period, you should periodically announce (to all the various places mentioned above) the above information, along with the names of the countries who are currently signed up. If your game is full, any further registrations should be put on a replacement list, and the names of the players on the replacement list should be announced as well.

That's about it. Here are a few more hints once your game has started that you can think about:

Also, review the Do's and Dont's page before running a game.