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It's extremly difficult to define rankings or ratings for the Empire players for the following reasons:

The only rating system that has managed to stand the test of time is a simple 1-10 scale. It is somewhat arbitrary, subjective, and suffers from players having inflated opinions of their abilities. Nevertheless, it works. Here it is:

Rank Description
0 Your first question is "What's a client?" You are a true empire virgin.
1 You've played a game or 2, were 100% lost, and were the first (or second) one out of the game.
2 You've still only played a game or two but none of your civ's starved. You still didn't get to make tech or find out what the "%" sector is.
3 You finally discovered the attack and dist commands.
4 "OHHHH, I need to use the thres command with the dist command." When the newbies ask a question via anno's you a: realize the guy is weak because he posted a question instead of telegraming the deity, and b: you know the answer. You still won't last to the end game portion but you are getting the hang of things.
5 A big turning point. You made your first kill of someone who fought back. You are no longer 1st kill on everybody's list.
6 You actually make it to endgame. You know what to do in both a high and low tech situation.
7 When the game starts, everybody else looks at you and thinks "ally with this guy, go through him, or win with his consent."
8 You dominate the local area of your world all the time. You project power faster and farther than most other people.
9 Like 8, but you are very adaptable. You will win in any starting configuration. Everybody who is not a newbie knows who you are.
10 The main difference between you and the 9's is that you started out as a 6 and they started as a 1 way back when...