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"On air. On sea. On land. Still the Internet's greatest wargame simulation."

Top Ten Reasons To Play Empire:

10.   Even if your country is not a winner, its still fun to play.
9.   Unlike so many games on th Internet these days, Empire does not allow cheating and cheaters are dealt with harshly.
8.   It is a game that doesn't tend to attract mental lightweights.
7.   To meet people around the world with same interest and devotion. (and to get a beer buddy in many destinations)
6.   It is the world's most complex game.
5.   The funny announcements.
4.   Mutant, 3-breasted, 2-headed elves as a result of your well-placed nukes.
3.   The sheep. (no, you won't get the reference until you've played Empire for a while!)
2.   It is by far the best strategy game ever, bar none. It is clearly superior to any other strategy game ever invented.
1.   It is one hell of a lot of fun!