[##:##] Command : newspaper <DAYS>

The news command prints a copy of the local newspaper published by The Empire News.

This morning after daily recounts financial exploits, the telegram traffic between countries, and political maneuvering in addition to the chronicling of such mundanities as shelling, attacking, and nuclear testing.

It's great breakfast reading!

Normally your edition of the news will only contain events that have occurred since you last read the news. You can specify what time period you'd like it to cover with the optional <DAYS> argument in the command line as in:

[##:##] Command : news 2

Which will print the news for the last two days.

You can select whose news to see with the ?actor or ?victim selectors, and what news to see with the ?action selector. Actions are:

     1)  Successful sector attack
     2)  Unsuccessful attack
     3)  Spy shot
     4)  Telegram sent
     6)  Loan made
     7)  Loan repaid
     8)  Goods sold
     9)  Airspace violated
     10) Artillery fire on sectors
     11) Artillery fire on ships
     12) Attacking unowned land
     13) Ship torpedoed
     14) Gunners firing in self-defense
     15) Breaking sanctuary
     16) Planes bombing sectors
     17) Planes bombing ships
     18) Successful boarding actions
     19) Unsuccessful boarding actions
     21) Collecting on loans
     25) Ships hitting mines
     26) Alliance declaration
     28) War declarations
     29) Alliance dissolving
     30) War ending
     31) Plague outbreaks
     32) Plague deaths
     33) Name changes
     34) Starvation
     36) Air to air combat
     37) Nukes going off
     38) Terrorists
     39) Shooting civs & uw's
     40) Satellite launches
     41) ASAT attacks
     42) Deity giving things
     43) Deity aids country
     44) Deity hurts country
     45) Deity taking things
     46) ABM interceptions
     47) Missile firing on sectors
     48) Missile firing on ships
     49) Trade between countries
     50) Pirates fence loot
     51) Pirates keep loot
     52) Ship torpedoes ship
     53) Sub bombed by ASW plane
     55) Unit bombed
     56) Unit hits land mine
     57) Fortress artillery supports attack
     58) Land unit artillery supports attack
     59) Naval artillery supports attack
     60) Capital sacking
     61) Upgrades relations to friendly
     62) Downgrades relations to friendly
     63) Upgrades relations to neutral
     64) Downgrades relations to friendly
     65) Upgrades relations to hostile
     66) Downgrades relations to friendly
     67) Missile hits sector
     68) Missile hits ship
     69) Settles on a new island
     70) ABM interception
     71) Missile hits units
     72) Sub-launched missile hits units
     73) Successful assault
     74) Successful paradrop
     75) Paradrop into unoccuppied land
     76) Failed assault
     77) Failed paradrop
     80) Insufficient funds to pay market
     81) Failed boarding of a land unit
     82) Successful boarding of a land unit

See also : headlines , Communication