Command : NDUMP


[##:##] Command : ndump <NUKES>

The ndump command displays all information on some or all of your nuclear devices. Each nuke's information is printed on one very long line. Fields are separated by a single space.

This command is designed to be used for input to an empire tool such as ve.

In the syntax of the ndump command <NUKES> are the ships on which you wish information (see info Syntax).

An ndump command lists all selected nuclear devices headed by:

Sun Feb  9 22:16:37 1997
DUMP NUKES 855544597
id x y num type

The first line is the date. The second line is the "DUMP NUKES <timestamp>" where the <timestamp> field is the current timestamp. The third line is the columns which are output.

   x       x location
   y       y location
   num     always 1 for backward compatibility
   type    type of nuke

A typical usage might be:
[##:##] Command : ndump #5

which would list data for all nukes in realm #5.

A ndump lists each of your nukes in the specified area. The header line is a list of fields that correspond to the order that ndump prints the nuke info.

See also : nuke , xdump , Planes , Nukes