Command : LOOKOUT


[##:##] Command : lookout <SHIP/FLEET>

The lookout command allows ships to report sightings of other ships and land sectors.

The various ranges over which lookout is effective break down into two groups:


This range is dependent on both the visibility of the ship being observed and the visual range of the observing ship. (see info Ship-types) Submarines at sea are a special case - they cannot be seen by simply looking out from a ship! In order to detect subs at sea, you need to use sonar. Submarines have a very limited range for what ships they can see using their periscope--they can usually only see ships in the same sector. However, all ships (including subs) which are docked in a harbor are visible to all ships (including subs) in adjacent sectors. (see also info sonar)


This range is effectively 1.0.

For example:
[##:##] Command : lookout 24

Groonland (#1) patrol boat #10 @-13,7
Curmudgeon (#4) heavy cruiser #36 @-14,6
Groonland (#1) oil derrick #41 @-14,6
Groonland (#1) tender #53 @-14,6
Groonland (#1) mine 100% eff with approx. 300 civilians @-12,6
Groonland (#1) heavy manufacturing 23% eff with approx. 10 civilians @-11,7

See also : coastwatch , Ship-types , Sector-types , radar , sonar , Ships , Detection