Subject : SECTORS

Bridges Building and destroying bridges
Infrastructure * Making your sectors better
Mobility How much mobility stuff costs
Quick-ref * A quick reference card for sector types
Sector-ownership * Sector ownership
Sector-types *! Description of different sector types

anti * anti-terrorist actions
build * Build ships, planes, land units, nuclear weapons or bridges
census * Report contents of sectors
commodity * Report commodities in sectors
designate * Specify sector utilization
dump Dump raw sector information
explore * Claim unowned land
improve * Improve the infrastructure of a sector
lost * Report lost items
neweff Find out what the efficiency of a sector will be after the next update
radar * Perform radar scan from ship or sector
resource * Show the resources of sectors
sinfrastructure * Report infrastructure of sectors
spy * Snoop on adjacent enemy sectors
territory Assign various sectors to a specific territory
xdump Extended dump of everything under the sun

For info on a particular topic, type "info <topic>" where <topic> is one of the topics listed above. Topics marked by * are the most important and should be read by new players. Topics with unusually long info are marked with a !.