Introduction : Basics


First, there are no real rules to playing empire. What you do is what you do. There are some general guidelines here, and some deities may be more forgiving than others.

One player, one country. You may NEVER use any country other than your own. It is OK for two people to play one country but it is NEVER OK for one person to play two countries. If you are caught doing this, your countries will be removed from the game. In addition, your registrations for future games may be declined. DON'T DO IT.

OK, but what do I do when I'm away?

1) you may turn over your country to someone who has never played anyone else's country in that game. You MUST tell the deity if you do this as he/she/it will be watching who is playing what.
2) you may turn your country over to the deity.

Bugs: if you find a bug, you are REQUIRED to report it to the deity. I will not let other people know about the bug and in most cases, you may exploit it until it is fixed. Punishment for use without telling: at least $50,000 or getting your country removed from the game.

Denial-of-service attacks are forbidden. Any form of attack that prevents a player from connecting to the server is against the rules. This includes letter bombing.

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